Azure Dreams PS1 cheats and codes

Azure Dreams, published in Japan as Other Life: Azure Dreams, is a video game for PlayStation developed by Konami and was originally released in Japan on November 13, 1997.

An abridged version was later released for the Game Boy Color. A semi-sequel, Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2005.
Azure Dreams is set in the deserted city of Monsbaiya. The city thrives thanks to a Monster Tower located above it. A skilled monster tamer named Guy disappears into the tower and is never seen again. His son, Koh, enters the tower when he turns 15 and meets a familiar named Kewne, a monster who can speak to humans. Kewne and Koh embark on a mission to reach the top of the Monster Tower and uncover the truth about Guy's fate.

Azure Dreams PS1 Cheats

Monsters on your side
Throw sacred scrolls to the monsters. Then they will stay on your side until they die or you leave the floor.

Restoration of health
Stand in a corner and press and hold X and O to restore your health, but be careful, you may be attacked in the process.

Easy money
Here is a simple solution to money problems. First you need to build a running track. Once you've built it, go in and bet $ 1000 on the "3-4" combination (if the odds aren't high enough, go out and come back).

When the race starts, accelerate and get on the road of horse No. 2. In this way, horse # 2 will slow down and horse # 3 and # 4 will take the lead. All you have to do now is lose the race. Repeat as needed.

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