Axelay SNES cheats and codes

Axlay it's a shooter genre video game sliding developed by Konami for the console Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Axelay was marketed in September 1992 in Japan, while in North America it arrived in October and in Europe only in 1993. Axelay's setting is sci-fi: it draws inspiration from other Konami titles such as Life Force (Salamander) and Gradius. The game features horizontal scrolling levels and other vertical scrolling levels.
The enemies are numerous and the weapons available are varied and powerful. Center of the story is the Illis solar system, once peaceful but then invaded by an alien fleet whose empire is called the Armada of Annihilation. The last hope against the aliens is it D117B Alexay, which has as its mission the recovery of the lost paraphernalia, necessary to defeat the invaders.

As the levels, new weapons are acquired, divided into conventional bullets, special weapons and grenades / missiles.


Complete the game in "Easy" mode without using Continue. You will have two extra credits in "Normal" mode. Then complete the game on normal difficulty, again without using Continue. This will give you 4 extra credits for “Hard” mode, if you started from Easy.
If you started from Normal, you will still have two.

Axelay - SNES


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