Assetto Corsa Competizione - Review of the console version

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After releasing the PC version not too long ago, the team of Kunos Simulations is ready to land with a new version of Assetto Corsa Competizione, this time dedicated to the console public.

From the previous version, many things have changed over the months, thanks also to the feedback from gamers who believed in the developers and provided their advice to improve the gaming experience. on PC, during our analysis we will show you what they are and how they qualitatively improved the simulation of Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Will they be able to do justice to the title with this new version? Find out with us.

First impact

After a brief introduction that will allow us to better set our gaming experience, trying to use the right difficulty settings, we will be ready to venture into the GT World Championship.

Among the available modes are the same as the PC version released a year ago: career mode, championship, free mode to practice the various game tracks, custom matches, hotlaps and competitive lobby modes.

The most interesting mode is that of the career, which will allow us to start fromAcademy Lamborghini, starting on a climb to success, accompanied by the presentation of the champion Mirko Bortolotti. The choice of the Team is the fundamental part for the beginning of our career, customizing our driver and the whole team.

Not the best

The single player mode is not of the highest quality, but it is still pleasant, but it is a pity for the lack of a ranking and score system, which make reaching certain objectives unsatisfactory.

Mastering the twenty-four cars is not a simple task, it will take a lot of patience and dedication. Pad in hand, it is possible to feel how difficult mastery of a vehicle is, thanks also to the aerodynamics system, where Assetto Corsa remains one of the undefeated titles for its performance at stake. Every single element on the road pours into the vehicle, just like in reality, offering an almost real impact.

Progress has been made for the interface and menus of the console version. Finally Kunos and 505 Games have improved this aspect, offering much more user-friendly boxes for players who use the pad. The interface recalls in several places what has already been seen on Project Cars and Gran Turismo Sport.

Unfaithful realism?

As much as realism is the basis of this simulator, it does not excel in the graphics sector. However, we can confirm that the car interiors are faithfully reproduced, although the graphics are not the best and have only a marginal care, leaving some graphic artifacts.

If you are looking for a simulator that also faithfully reproduces damage, forget it. The new Assetto Corsa is far from creating collision marks that can come close to reality, relegating the damage to the minimum necessary to show the player that the vehicle has suffered a bad blow.

The atmospheric effects are very few and do not always manage to affect our vehicle significantly. Rain will not cause realistic aquaplaning, often the vehicle has unlikely stability during the race.

Ups and downs

The audio sector is almost perfect, the noises of the engine, the whistling wheels and the brutal force of the shock absorber, can be perceived even without headphones.

The mode multiplayer it fooled us for its solidity, with very stable and easy-to-access sessions. The only drawback is that the title takes a long time to connect to the game server, but once connected, the problem no longer arises.

In online mode the stability is not lost, the vehicle has the same feeling as the single player version. Unfortunately, however, this is an option that will mainly keep the most veterans of Assetto Corsa busy.

We played the title on PlayStation 4 Pro, obtaining a stable frequency of 60 FPS, with some slight drops during the most hectic phases. The developers have confirmed that they are working on optimizing their product, especially for users of the basic versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Final Comment

Assetto Corsa Competizione it is not a product for everyone, but despite everything we liked it. Bringing a simulator of this kind intended primarily for the PC audience is definitely not an easy task, but Kunos he succeeded.

The driving feedback is of quality, despite some small drops in the framerate, the driving experience is enjoyable to the full of its offer. Too bad for the singleplayer modes, which lack a true scoring and ranking system, which would have pushed more players to practice.

In conclusion, we recommend the product mainly to those interested in driving simulators and their competition.

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