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    Assassin's Creed Unity - Tricks - Easy Money

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    Paris is still Paris, it is also very expensive, especially if you have to buy new weapons for your killer. Assassin’s Creed Unity Thanks to our simple guide, however, you will be able to earn mountains of Livre in a very short time.

    Never as in the new chapter of Assassin's Creed the "money" have been fundamental in a video game, without them is virtually impossible to get the best equipment and weapons. As if that weren't enough then the main missions provide a derisory amount of coins. So here are various procedures to get as much as possible in a very short time:


    By restoring the numerous buildings in the game, you can get rewards that go up according to the percentage of the building's restoration. By upgrading one of these buildings to the maximum, you can make high earnings, without doing anything because the building will continue to produce earnings while you play. A fully upgraded activity can produce figures close to 10,000 Livres per day (game time).
    Among the best activities to restore and earn the most money is Café Thèatre on the little island of Ilè Saint Louis and the Club in Les Halles, near the river.

    You can find this mission in the LATIN QUARTER - SORBONA. The mission can be played by 2 to 4 players and involves stealing a painting and escaping from the Palais de Luxembourg. After some practice you can finish it in five minutes, especially if you have a good companion. You simply have to distract the guards and take the painting out. The mission will earn you 25,000 Livres each per participating player, plus other bonuses of up to 10,000 Livres. This method is not only one of the funniest, but also one of the fastest ways to make money.

    Within the game are hidden a huge amount of caskets. Opening them all will not only unlock achievements and trophies but will also make you rich because some chests can also contain 4-figure rewards!

    Some missions in the main story allow you to earn different livres. Rework them to get as many, just go to the menu and choose the memory to replay.

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