Assassin's Creed Origins - Unlock the Sekhmet Costume

Assassin’s Creed Origins : Unlock the Sekhmet costume - If there was a historical era made of masks, makeup and flashy clothes that was definitely the Egyptian one. Ubisoft has faithfully taken this factor into account and has equipped Bayek with many costumes including the fearsome goddess Sekhmet!

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The Sekhmet Costume, a female lion-headed goddess worshiped as the goddess of war, epidemics and healings, allows Bayek to wear an elegant and durable armor with an Aladdin's "Cave of Wonders" style lion-head helmet. The costume is part of that category of clothes in the game called EXCELLENT DRESSES, the best outfits you can get in Assassin’s Creed Origins .

Assassin’s Creed Origins - Sekhmet Costume

WHERE TO FIND IT: In the city of YAMU in the region called LAKE MAREOTIS.
HOW TO UNLOCK IT: You will have to complete the Lady of the Massacre side mission.

In order to access the desired secondary mission, however, you must first complete the main mission that Amon accompanies you and the following secondary missions, let's see in detail what they are and what to do to overcome them:


WHERE: City of Yamu in the Lake Mareotis region.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to Menehet in the temple and start the tour. Look for the 4 children hidden in the temple. Use Senu to speed up the search. You will find one behind the column in the main square of the temple. One above the roof, another one on the animal cages (where you will have to eliminate an angry hyena) and the last one in the well that will have to be saved by breaking through the wall next door.
FULL: 900 XP and secondary mission Other votive offerings.


WHERE: City of Yamu in the Lake Mareotis region.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to Menehet in the temple to find out that someone is selling false sacred idols. Go to the market and talk to the three relic merchants, you will notice them given the large number of unsatisfied people. If you want you can also talk to REDA, the little boy from BAZAR ITINERANTE, who will offer you an additional secondary mission to get excellent equipment. Gather information from the merchants, go to the nearby farm and wait for the night. After talking to the merchant, prepare to fight with his thugs. Once defeated, go a little outside the city and destroy the materials indicated in the camp. If you act at night and carefully, you won't even need to fight. Once you've done that, all you need to do is return to Menehet to finish the mission.
FULCRUM: 600 XP and secondary mission Lady of the Massacre.


WHERE: City of Yamu in the Lake Mareotis region.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to Menehet in the temple to be informed about the costume play in favor of the goddess Sekhmet. Go to the market and look for the drunk man behind the small fence of the inn. Transport him to the temple and Menehet will inform you that you will have to replace him in the performance. After a quick change of clothes, enter the arena and defeat your opponent. It will be a simple fight as long as you dodge his powerful blows. In a short time you will be able to store enough adrenaline to knock him out. Once the fight is over, you'll have finished the mission and get the Sekhmet Costume.
FULL: 800 XP and Excellent Suits: Sekhmet Costume.

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