Assassin's Creed Odyssey Choices and Consequences Guide

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is full of choices that will have positive or negative consequences. One of the juiciest new features of the new chapter of the series is the possibility to make choices that will have consequences in the continuation of the adventure.

It is not easy to make the right decision and often the game will put us in very delicate situations in which making a decision will be very difficult. To get a clearer understanding of how to behave in certain situations, see our guide to the choices and consequences of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey getting help in difficult decisions.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey | Guide to Choices

Release or kill the bandits sent by the Cyclops

The first choice you make in the game has to do with the Cyclops bandits attacking you at home.

Kill them - If you kill them, no one will report to the Cyclops and nothing else will happen.

If you let them live - they will ambush you along the road with two other allies. A nuisance then, but by defeating them you'll get some loot and a few extra EXP points.

Duris' payment

Make Duris pay - To make Duris pay you have two choices: kill him or break some of his vases. If you break two of his vases he'll pay you and tell you to leave him alone. It's the best thing to do, because if you try to kill him, the NPCs will revolt and the situation could turn into a bloodbath. Both methods, however, guarantee payment. We recommend breaking the vessels, in all cases.

Don't charge Duris - If you tell the merchant that double is really too much and then decide to take him out of debt, he'll give you a rare sword, the sword of Duris.

Horse's choice

You can read our guide to it: Which horse to choose.

In the footsteps of the gods

Don't give the spear - Keep the spear for yourself and the woman will say she may not be able to access the shrine. It may be a good choice because the spear is rare at level 3, though it may still depend on your level.

Let's talk about my reward - Get rewarded first and you'll get 50 coins and a 2% increase in Assassin's damage.

Give her the spear - Simply give her the spear, you will only get EXPs for completing the quest.

Hungry people

I hear your prayer - You can give the woman some money at home to help her if you want. You will receive an EXP bonus and a + 2% increase in warrior damage.

Ignore the woman and leave her to her fate.

Blood Fever

Defend the villagers - if you kill the priest and his guards, the villagers will be set free. Phoibe will get a friend, but there is also a negative effect: you will let the disease spread by killing many other villagers.

Abandon the villagers - leave and get your EXP points. Phoibe will see you do this and call you, but at least the disease won't spread.

A little Odyssey

Grow up - If you tell her to grow up, she'll unlock her final options after she gets a little mad at you.

You'll get there one day - She'll be happy that you encourage her and explain why she wants to be like Odysseus.

It's nice that you're so determined - she'll say she doesn't normally like it when people call her pretty. Say a few more words of encouragement and she'll be happy. Or tell her she's ugly if you want to upset her.

Choice 2

This is great - Try to explain why you think this is great and you're not looking for that answer.

Getting big is not going away - This seems to be the best choice, he says he'll think about what you said and leave for now.

I don't give advice - he gets angry and leaves you there.

Do you have a boat?

I have a boat - If you lie and say you have a boat, you'll have to get a boat yourself. You'll have to go to the Cyclops to steal his ship. Face the Cyclops and Barnabas will help you with his ship.

I don't have a boat - Same thing happens, but you didn't lie.

Phoibe's choice

You're too young - You'll tell her she can't come and she'll give you a toy eagle to go with you.

Kephallonia is your home - the same thing as above, Phoibe must be left behind.

The choice of Markos

You're too small - Markos will hug you and tell you he'll miss you.

Let's give him a hug - Markos shakes your hand and says it's a gesture between partners

A pirate's life

This is a side mission you'll find while you sail the sea. The first choice has to do with a man you saved from pirates.

You'll come out of it - You can lie to the man, he'll understand and say thank you. He will also give you a message to give to his brother.

You're not going to do that - The man agrees and gives you a message to give her brother.

Choice 2

When you go back to the character who gave you the quest, you can lie or tell the truth.

Survivor - If you lie, the man will call you a liar and leave. You will still complete the mission.

He didn't make it - If you tell him the truth, the man will join your crew and you will complete the mission.

The lost map

Let's make a deal - the spy will give you the tablet and some money.

You can leave - You will get the tablet and the spy will leave.

You won't leave - kill the spy and take the tablet.

The fate of wolves

Why did you want Nikolaos dead - If you ask him then he'll tell you there's no profit in a quick war. The next choice doesn't matter, the end result is fighting his soldiers. For some reason, he wants you to kill your mother or father. The end result is the hunt for Elpenor.

How did you find out about Nikolaos - As with the other choices, you have to face his guards and hunt him down.

I don't care, you deserve to die - here you won't kill Elpenor but you'll have to defeat both his guards. When you check his house, you find out he's selling weapons to both sides and wants the war to continue. This leads to the next major mission in history.

The Oracle of Delphi

When you speak to Herodotus:

Stand back - You tell him to stand back or he gets a spear in his throat. He will show up the same, and both choices have the same end result.

Who are you? - Herodotus will show up and explain why he's here. He is here because he is working with someone in Athens who wants an answer to a question from the Oracle.

When you speak to the Oracle:

Where is my mother - Both ends the same and she sends you away. But in this case, she will call you to learn of a decision made in the past, before she throws you out.

Who is my father? The oracle gets scared and tells you to leave now. She mentions something about the cult of the Cosmos before she makes you leave.

Out when you talk to Herodotus again:

The Cult of the Cosmos - If you tell him about the Cult, he'll go to a quiet place and tell you what he knows about them.

It doesn't matter - you can try not to tell him about the Cult, but the game will force you to.

Family dinner

This mission is located in the Shrine of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed on the first island.

I killed your brother - The man says there will soon be a price on your head.

Maybe your brother left town - The man knows you're lying and says there will be a price on your head soon.

The Cyclops told me he had bigger plans for him - If you choose that option, he'll believe you and give you another mission. Leave the letter to the man's wife to complete the quest.

The interrogation of Pythia

I'm the only one you should be afraid of - Alexios grabs her neck and threatens to kill her if she lies. He'll tell you what you need to know, and then you'll leave without killing her. He'll tell you that Apollo will hurt you for it.

Please, I need to know - get the same answers but without the threat of violence. He'll also say that Apollo will protect you.

Left to die

This mission is located in the Shrine of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed on the first island.

I killed Elpenor - If you choose this option, the man says you will pay for it and a bounty will be put on your head.

Losing your family can be very difficult - If you choose this option, the man will ask you for help to kill the bandits. You'll get paid and get some skin for helping him.

I didn't know him - If you lie to him, he will still ask for your help with some bandits.

Meeting with the Cultists

This is a mission where you're dealing with Cultists. It's all about history, so feel free to choose what you want.

I'll make the offer - If you choose this option, you cut your hand for worship. Both options lead you to cut off your hand.

I will not make the offer - If you choose this option, you will say that you refuse. Actually you can't refuse, that's not a real choice.

Choice 2

This is a pointless choice.

Mother - The man says you're wrong.

Father - The woman says you're wrong.

Both of them - Both of them think you're wrong.

Choice 3

This has to do with a cowardly cultist.

I don't know - If you say you don't know, then more choices will open up.

I will - If you do, you'll get information from him.

I won't - If you don't, the cultist will think you're a coward but you still get information.

Choice 4

You can try touching the artifact if you want.

I want to touch him - the other cultist will throw your hand away and ask if you've lost your mind.

Go back - You'll back off, the cultists won't let you touch him anyway.

Choice 5

After you leave the cave you'll talk to Herodotus again. Whatever choice you make, the conclusion will always be the same.

Chosen by brothers

This mission is located in the Shrine of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed on the first island. There are many choices, but there are only two that really matter.

I killed Nikolaos - If you choose this option, they won't get angry

I never found Nikolaos - If you lie, they'll be angry. They'll say you think friendship is the answer, and they'll accuse you of wanting to break the cult.

Choice 2

In the end you have to choose how you react with your brother and sister.

Not before you get hurt - You hit her, she punches you and walks away.

You're still my sister - you try to hug her, but she says "Don't touch me". The end result is that they both leave.

I'm going - get away from them.

The need for a friend

This is a side mission that you can find later in the game. You must retrieve a sword for an old friend.

I've got your sword - Hand over the weapon and you can ask him for money. If you don't ask him for the money, you'll get his armor.

I couldn't find your sword - you can lie and keep the sword if you want. It's an epic weapon, so it depends on how much you need it or not.

Escape from Athens

This is a major quest so you can't lose it. When you talk to the guard to contact Fidia, you'll have some choices to make.

Pericles sent me - With this answer you get the same result you would get by saying you're a friend of Phidias. Either you'll have to pay the 500 drachma watch or you'll have to fight him. It's up to you.

Phidias is my love - You can lie and he'll let you in.

Fidia is my friend - If you say he's your friend, you either have to pay or fight the guard.

This choice doesn't matter so much, you get the same rewards regardless.


When you meet Socrates you'll have to make choices. The only choice that counts is the one you will have to make in the final dialogue.

I had to do it - Socrates asks you if your needs are greater than those of the man you ostracized. Then he asks you who is responsible for the man who pushed you to do it.

I did nothing - Socrates speaks to you in riddles and basically confirms that he knows you did it.

Choice 2 - If you choose, I had to.

Anaxagoras is responsible - Socrates hopes that you think better about your choices in the future.

I am responsible - This option only gives you the illusion of choice, both answers lead to the same result. In the end, you can continue the story without any particular problems.

A poisonous encounter

This is a major mission and cannot be lost.

I'm happy to help - Thank you for freeing him. The only difference between the two is that you get paid.

You owe me - He'll pay you a little for freeing him.

The next choice comes when you meet someone outside the snake house.

Tell me or... - You kill them and get the information from their corpses.

Don't protect a criminal - they give you the information without a problem.

You can then choose to kill them or let them go. If you kill them, there's little to say, if you let them go, they say they'll change their habits.

The Pericles Symposium Part 1

Phoibe will tell you to change your clothes before you meet Pericles.

I will change my clothes - Phoibe is happy and Herodotus likes your choice. She says you have dressed wisely for the occasion.

I won't change my clothes - If you don't change your clothes, Phoibe gets a little upset, but it's no big deal.

After seeing the drunk man stagger.

Alcibiade sounds interesting - Herodotus tells you not to start a fight...

Parties are not my specialty - Herodotus reminds you why you are here, avoid fighting and get your information.

When Herodotus says he'll leave you there.

You should go - Herodotus is leaving you, so no one will be suspicious of what you are doing.

Don't leave me alone - Herodotus laughs and says you'll be all right.

Oil and Love

This is during the Feast of Pericles. Allie will want oil for her party. You agree to help him and you can find oil in the kitchen. When you come back, you can get the information from him.

Take these clothes - Join in the fun in the private room. You'll talk to him later and he'll tell you what he knows about your missing mother.

I'm only here for information - The result is the same, but you won't party with Allie. You'll still get the information about your mother.

The Pericles Symposium Part 2

When the woman comes out to talk to you, you have three choices.

That wasn't me - you can try lying, but she can see it.

You have been spying on me - She admits that she has been watching you and says you are doing what you need to do.

I did what was necessary - She agrees and says we all do what we need to do to survive.

The choice afterwards doesn't matter, she gives you the information you need regardless.

On a high horse

If you follow the Horse Thief without killing him, you can talk to him. After that, you'll return to Socrates.

He should return the horse - You say it doesn't matter why he did it, he stole the horse. Socrates is surprised by this choice and asks if he should be punished.

He should keep the horse - Socrates says it depends on why he did it.

Choice 2

He should be punished - Socrates agrees but says his companions may be different.

His actions are right - Socrates wonders, then, if in times like this, people like us decide the law

Ultimately this choice only serves to make you think, you will be rewarded regardless.

First do no harm

As soon as you get to this mission, you'll have a choice to make.

No need to be angry - The woman will leave and Sostratus will help you.

Back off - If you threaten the woman, you will find out she is a priestess of Hera. Sostratus will be happy and will help you anyway.

When you meet Hippocrates, the choices don't matter. You are hired for a job whether you like it or not.

The doctor will see you now

When you find Dymas, you're gonna have to make a choice.

I'll wait - This option will open more choices. You can accept his terms or you can decide. If you kill the patient, Dymas won't be happy. If you throw him out, you have to take him out of the fort. If you agree to take his pincers, he'll leave after you deliver the item.

Now come with me - throw him out and take him to the camp.

I could pay you - he'll leave, if you pay him, but it costs 10,000.

A heart for a head

There are choices at the end of this one. You have to choose who the heart is for.

The farmer - The farmer will thank you and say he'll remember this. Right after that quest you may be attacked by a mercenary and the girl, the other patient, gets up. She was probably pretending to be sick.

The wealthy woman - The woman will thank you and says her children thank you too. The farmer threatens you. Again the sick girl will stand up as if nothing had happened.

The girl - If you give it to the girl, the other two get angry and the farmer threatens you.

That's enough.

There are choices at the end of this one.

I certainly did - the other priest will curse you in Hades for killing snakes. You will receive no information from the one who gave you the quest.

I did what he told me to do - The other guy says he'll curse you both in Hades. You're not getting information from the priest with this option.

Written in stone

There are choices at the beginning of the mission.

I won't hurt you. -It'll take you to the stones, but it'll be a long enough quest.

I'll hurt you - if you threaten to hurt him, he'll give you the information you're looking for directly.

At the third slab you will get more choices, all with the same result. You will have to meet an old priest at a tree for more information.

Ashes to ashes

There are choices at the end of this main one.

Save the child - If you save the child, Chrysis will escape for now. The child's mother will come and take the child and she will try to justify Chrysis' actions. However, another mission will appear to kill Chrysis.

Kill Chrysis - If you choose to chase Chrysis, the child will die.

Harbor of illegality

The big choice is at the end of this mission.

I can help you - He thanks you and says he's looking forward to working with you. You will also reveal that you were once a Spartan and who your father was.

I have agreed to help Anthousa - He says if you point the spear at the Monger, Sparta will thank you. You will also reveal that you were once a Spartan.

After the mission you'll have a new ally.

Follow the boat.

The big choice is at the end of this mission. After you save the girl from the pirates, you can take her back to town or take her somewhere else.

I'll take you to Mykonos - she'll thank you and you'll have a side mission to accompany her to Mykonos. Now you must go back to Erinna and take care of her. Tell her she wanted to leave and Erinna will thank you.

Go back to Korinith with you - If you take her back to the city, she won't fight you, but she's not happy about it. She seems upset when she gets here, but when she gets home she seems relieved you brought her back.

In aid of a girl

These choices are important. Get all the information you can from Phoibe in the first place, the information he has is important, so don't ignore it.

Choice 1

Pig farm - He'll say you have bad information.

Choice 2

Plot of land - He'll accuse you of having a spy at this point.

Choice 3

Deinomenes - He finally gives up and asks how you know all this. He'll even give you the information you need for the quest.

Eventually you have to forgive Phoibe or tell her not to do it again.

Forgive Phoibe - Thank her for trying.

Don't do that again - You'll tell her to listen to you next time and she'll agree.

This one will end shortly after.

Where to kill Monger Theatre/Caverna

You have to choose where you want to take Monger

Let's take him to the theater - If you choose the theater, you'll side with Anthousa and face Monger in public. She will appear when she is about to die and you can give her the pleasure of killing her or do it yourself. She doesn't care in any way, but letting her do it is brutal to watch. If you kill him there, you won't be able to spare Lagos later in the game. She won't trust you for killing Monger in public.

I want to take him to the cave - The cave means siding with Brasida. In the end you can drag him to the theatre or kill him in the cave. Anthousa wants you to take him to the theatre so that everyone can see him. Even if you kill him in the cave, you still get your information. Anthousa gets a little upset, but you keep up your end of the deal.

Arkalochori's axe

This is a secondary mission in Messara.

Hand over the axe - She thanks you and pays you for your service.

She is my axe now - you keep the axe. Not so exceptional though.


This is a secondary mission in Messara.

I'm not a cultist - You tell him that, but he doesn't care. Swordfish has lost his mind from the Maze, but he gives you the information you need. Take him out later because he's a cultist.

I am Deimos - you will lie and say you are Deimos, a leader in the cult. Swordfish doesn't care, he says he wants out of the cult.

Choice of the Minotaur

This happens after we defeat the Minotaur. You can lie to the boy or hand over the ring to prove his father's dead.

He is dead - tell the boy his father is dead. He gets sad but says he'll try to forget.

I couldn't find him - if you lie to the boy, he'll think his father might have gone out. So you can tell him to stop looking for him or you still have some hope. That choice doesn't matter because either way he will realize that it is impossible to look for him.

Choice 2

There's nothing I can do. If you lie to him, he'll thank you for trying.

I found his ring. - If you give him the ring, he says he won't forget his father now. This is definitely the positive result of the quest.

Abandoned by the gods

This is a mission from the main story and cannot be missed. Athens has been infected with a plague and you need to understand what's going on. When you meet Pericles again, you must make choices.

You look good - he will tell you to tell Aspia, and then you will give him his medicine.

You don't look so good - he agrees and you give him his medicine.

Choice 2

You cannot blame the gods - Pericles says that the fate of Athens has been decided.

The gods have betrayed Athens - He says the same thing above, except that you curse the gods.

Regardless of your choices for this mission, the sad ending is always the same.

Athens' last hope

This is a mission in history and cannot be missed.

Phoibe died because of you - This is really just a way to let your character vent. You blame Aspasia, and she says Phoibe would have done it with or without her consent.

Cult killed Phoibe - Aspasia is sad to hear the news, but there's another matter to deal with right now.

In the end, Socrates says he'll stay behind, and the choice you make won't change his mind. On the boat, regardless of your previous choices, you and Aspasia will leave and she will give you information.

Death and disorder

This is a mission in history and cannot be missed. This choice may have some effect later on.

Sparta is corrupt - You will go to your mother and say that Sparta is corrupt. She defends Sparta and the quest ends.

Sparta has changed - Try to explain to your mother that Sparta has changed since you've both been there. She says you are both still Spartans, and after this battle, you will both return here.

Choice 2

After the dialogue with your mother, you will have to make another choice.

I am with you - She will be happy that you two can fight together.

We should focus on Paros - your mother will agree with you and you can move on to the next mission.

A god among men

This side mission has a choice at the end. The boy you save claims to be a god, you can either agree or disagree.

Empedocles is a God - Empedocles will be happy to hear that. You can suggest he get dressed if you want, but he won't listen to you.

Empedocles is not a God - Even if you don't call him a god, people will gather behind him. He'll still ask you for help on another mission.

Ancient Revelations

This is the mission that has to do with Atlantis. The Keeper must give up his weapon one way or another.

We have to seal this place up - The man is reluctant, but eventually he will give you the weapon and die.

I'm taking the spear - Take the weapon by force. You'll have to fight him. At the end of everything, you will take his weapon and he will die.

Home sweet home

There is a choice after joining Sparta with your mother. Some children are facing wolves, and your mother says it should be them.

I'm going to help them anyway - jump down and help the boys with the wolves. One of the boys won't make it, you can lie and tell him you're his father to make him feel better. Then you'll be approached by a soldier.

Yes Mater - If you leave them, your mother will say that they are not suitable for Sparta if they can't defeat wolves. You will disagree and say that Sparta is weaker without warriors.

Your mother explains why the children have to do it themselves. You disagree, and you can jump out of the vehicle to fight the wolves.

The kings of Sparta

When you meet the kings of Sparta, you have a couple of choices to make.

Find and kill our traitors - you're asked who you think betrayed you and you answer that's what you want to find out. The rest of the dialogue is the same for both choices.

Sparta is my home - one of the kings says you no longer have a home here. The other says you must first prove your loyalty. They want you to fight for Sparta and to end the war.

Regardless, you'll have to do certain tasks for the kings.

Choice 2

I will kill the champions for Sparta - Stentor will be happy that you follow orders, but he doesn't think it will be easy.

Killing the champions won't help - Stentor says you either complete the mission or die trying, he doesn't care.

Kill Stentor or spare him

As you progress through the story, you'll have a chance to kill Stentor.

Kill Stentor - if you kill Stentor, looting his body you'll get a clue about the cult, it looks like he's been working with them for a while.

Spare Stentor - if you spare him, you'll meet him again later in the story

Kill the mercenary

You will fight a mercenary when you seek Brasis and your mother.

Help me find my mother - She will say that showing mercy will give you nothing in return. This will lead to two other choices. Ask him to make you understand and he will say that Archon hired them.

Tell me where she is or die - he'll ask for mercy and then he'll tell you. Ask who's paying and he'll mention the Archon.

Kill or no kill

There's an important choice here, your mother's plan or Brasida's plan.

Your plan is better, Brasida - The plan here is to let Lagos live. Your mother doesn't like it, but Brasida says that thousands of people rely on her food.

Your plan is better, Mother - The plan here is to kill Lagos. Brasida won't like it and your mother will say you made the right choice.

Diona's choice

Diona has a twin and you have to choose which one is the cultist. Diona is the right twin, so choose her and eliminate her.

Kill or spare Lagos.

Lagos is a member of the cult, but is essential to the Spartan war effort. You must decide whether or not you want to kill him.

Kill Lagos - There is no room for words, he must die.

Spare Lagos - If you killed Monger in the theatre, Lagos will not trust you, so you must kill him. If you killed Monger in the cave, he might make you choose to spare Lagos instead. If you spare him, Brasida won't be happy with you later in the game.

Producing the Oil

That's not really a choice, but I guess you all want to do it properly.

Step 1: Light the fire
Step 2 - Oil of Athena
Step 3: Rose petal

The contender

You need to replace the former Olympics fighter.

I'm his replacement - Coach doesn't care much, he just wants to get to work.

I am him - That's a lie and the guy knows you're not him. It doesn't matter, you'll fight in the Olympics anyway.

The long game

I'm your boss now - You tell him you're his boss and he'd better tell you what you want to know.

That's why you'll die - you still get the information, but you kill the merchant and his bodyguard.

Help me and I will spare you - he will give you the information, and you can choose to kill him in the end if you want.

Blood feast

Here you must choose which king to accuse.

Pausania - He is the true cultist, but you won't have enough evidence to charge him. Before you leave, he whispers in your ear, and then you'll know for sure that he is the cultist.

Archidamo - You try to prove that Archidamo is a cultist. The proof you have doesn't prove it and you and your mother are banished from Sparta, but not before Pausania whispers in your ear.

Help your brother or leave him to his fate.

Your brother will be thrown under a tree and you can help him or leave him there.

You've made your choice - tell him and a tree will fall on you. You'll be caught and you'll have to break free.

Help him - Try helping your brother, trying to get him out from under a tree. This results in a tree falling on you too. You wake up unarmed and your brother's prisoner.

The choices after that don't matter. It's just a conversation between you and your brother.

The knights

When you go back to Socrates, he's gonna ask you to talk to him. These choices don't seem to have any particular effect.

I'm going to kill Cleone- Cleon is the leader of the League of Deli cultists, and you have to kill him. Socrates says you must remember that he is only a man.

I'm going to help Brasida - Socrates says that if you meet Cleone, remember that he is just a man.

I mean, a fake choice.

We'll get up.

When you go back to Socrates, he's gonna ask you to talk to him.

I'm loyal to you - He says you haven't proved it, unless you spared Lagos, killed The Wolf and opted for his plan with Monger. [If you do these things, he might be friendlier to you.]

I'm true to myself - Brasida says she knows now. She also knows whether you killed The Wolf or not. You'll still fight with him, but now there's some tension.

Choice 2

I will kill you mercifully - A quick stab and a quick death, for Instead of a blade you use water and drown it slowly.

Danger in paradise

After you help the Spartans, the commander will ask if you are a Spartan too.

I was Spartan - You say you were Spartan once. The commander says Spartan blood is eternal and asks your name.

I am not Spartan - you say you are not Spartan. The commander says you fight like a Spartan.

Choice 2

Kyra's right - Thaletas will lose his temper and go fight with his men, with or without you. He'll die eventually if you choose this option.

Thaletas is right - you agree with him but you have a different strategy. Your plan is to deliver a message to the Spartan ships.

Paint the sand red

One of the commanders forces you to make a choice.

You're lying - you don't care about his reasons, you just kill him.

Hide on my ship - Join your crew as lieutenant. He may grant you a bonus attack, say, on the javelin.

The Cultist's Last Choice

There's only one sectarian left. There are choices that lead to the main one, but they don't change anything.

I'm here to kill you - He says you have no idea what you're doing and you fight it. It's an easy fight if you make it to level 48 or so. You'll get his headband and this is the last piece of the Semidian set you got from your brother.

We need to destroy the artifact - let Aspasia live but destroy the artifact. You still have his headband for the demigod set and the choice still counts as a murdered Cultist, so you can finish the tree.

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