Assassin's Creed 3 - How to Recruit Workers

Towards the end of sequence 5, we will unlock a function that will allow us to recruit two categories of workers on the estate: Artisans and Collectors.

The House where Connor and Achilles live is much more than just a setting for the narrative events of the plot and its missions. It has, in fact, many interesting features.

-THE SEMINTERY, accessible through a secret door that seems to operate the nearby candelabra, contains all the clothes and weapons purchased by Connor during his travels.

-At the MAIN FLOOR, there is the account book, where you can buy the resources from his friends on the estate, manufacture the items after hiring the artisans and send convoys to deliver the goods to the markets of Boston, New York and the Frontier to make a profit. In Achilles' room there is also a chessboard of fanorona, where you can challenge your mentor.

-THE UPPER FLOOR, is full of Trophies and memories obtained by overcoming plot challenges and completing the objectives of side quests. You can interact with most of these objects to discover their origins.

The Artisans are the workers who can process the objects in their specific field of work using the resources you will have to provide them. To do so you'll have to use the accounting book interface. There are a total of 5 craftsmen available.

Lances - carpenter: can process weapons and consumable objects

Oliver and Corinne - innkeepers: they can process food and alcohol

Big Dave - blacksmith: can process weapons, metal objects, war supplies, consumables and inventions.

Lyle - doctor: can process medicines

Ellen - seamstress: she can develop upgrades and skills, such as bags and clothes.

Harvesters are the artisans who cultivate or recover resources. You can buy resources through the book of accounts. There are a total of 4 Collectors available.

Godfrey and Terry
- Lumberjacks: they provide the products of the forest

Warren and Prudence - farmers: they supply agricultural products

Myriam - Hunter: Supplies the game and herbs to the

Norris - miner: supplies the minerals

All workers can level up to access better resources or more advanced processing options more easily. They level up every time you complete one of their events and one of their missions, which can only be done in sequence.


- River rescue - sequence 5 - level unlocked 1
This is the mission that will allow you to hire Godfrey and Terry and is part of the main plot.

- Thieves at the seal - sequence 5 - level unlocked 2
At the beginning of the memory you have to run to the carpenter's house and chase the thief. There is a clear acrobatic path near the river that will allow you to stay at the pass. Kill or neutralize the prey. Mind you, if you give in to his pleas, he will attack you.

- Lite - sequence 6 - level unlocked 3
After talking to the carpenter's children near the house, follow them to watch a film. Your objective will be to prevent the two cursors icon of the killer in the center of the screen. To do so you will have to use L and R respectively to change the position of the corresponding icons "inside" each cursor, i.e. between the killer icon bar. Proceeding very calmly, press each slider at the edges of the screen without allowing the sidebars to move towards the centre. After you have separated the two carpenters, talk to both of them to complete the mission.

- Bowls for beginners - sequence 7 - level unlocked 4
You'll have to go to the carpenters at the tavern and beat them in a game of bowls.


- Cutting weapons - sequence 5 - level unlocked 1
This mission will allow you to hire Lance. All you have to do is save him from the thugs intent on killing him near the exit to the Frontier.

- Righteous Tools - sequence 9 - level unlocked 2
You'll have to talk to Lance outside his house. Travel quickly to Boston and meet him near the entrance to the North Harbor Tunnel. Follow him and go talk to his apprentice. While you follow him, use every camouflage opportunity to avoid detection. Remember to keep your distance at all times. Once you have done that, break into the casket to retrieve the man's tools.

- Winning Idea - sequence 10 - level unlocked 3
You'll need to talk to Lance outside his house and travel quickly to New York. His contact is located near the Port, southeast. Retrieve all three parts of Lance's plans by pickpocketing or looting the thugs. Eyes on the guards, that's a lot! The third criminal to be robbed is on a prohibited ship. You must eliminate him when the guards are on the opposite side, plunder him and dive into the water to escape. Return the loot to Lance, who will be waiting for you on the roof of his house.


- Abuse - sequence 5 - level unlocked 1
This mission will allow you to recruit Warre and Prudence. Once you get there, all you have to do is save them from the Redcoats.

- Prudence's enoters - sequence 6 - level 2 unlocked
You'll need to talk to Warren outside his farm and make your way to the southeast mission marker. Examine the clues in the green search area and activate the Eagle's Eye if necessary. After finding all three, you must defend Prudence from the bear and bring her back to Warren.

- Sweet Waiting - Sequence 7 - Level Unlocked 3
You'll need to talk to Warren outside her farm and travel quickly to Boston. Reach the east side of the central district, talk to the apprentice and quickly reach the mission marker around the corner. Save the doctor by lecturing the men who are attacking him.

- Pig Breeder - sequence 7 - level unlocked 4
You'll need to talk to Prudence outside her farm. You'll have to lock the three pigs in their pens. To do so, run after the animals in the direction of the fence, if they change direction or run away, take rapid action in front of them to stop them and repeat the procedure.


- Hunter Silent - sequence 6 - level unlocked 1
This mission will allow you to recruit Myriam, a few steps southwest of the estate. Take her back home and deal with the hunters. This event also serves as a tutorial for rope darts.

- White trophero - sequence 6 - level unlocked 2
After talking to Myriam, activate the Eagle's Eye and interact with the clues in the search area. After spotting the Puma, chase it to the entrance of the mine, ignoring the distance warnings. After you've parked with Norris, enter the mine and prepare to press B-O when the command appears on the screen.

- Don't let me down... - sequence 9 - level 3 unlocked
To begin this mission, you'll need to talk to Norris north of the estate. Run to Myriam and hunt the wolves, which are marked with red markers. You can hit them from afar with a launch weapon or press the two on-screen controls to kill them when they attack you. Skin the animals, once killed, and climb the wooden platform indicated by the green indicator. Then run immediately to save Myriam. Use the acrobatic path through the trees to reach her before she dies. Once on the spot, chase the hunter and reach him through the path on the branches to make a spectacular assassination in flight.


- Fight! - sequence 6 - level unlocked 1
This is the mission where you will meet Norris for the first time. It's right next to the entrance to Boston's north harbor tunnel. Eliminate the men who are attacking him to hire the miner.

- Norris the gallant - sequence 7 - level unlocked 2
Talk to Norris in the middle of the river on the southwest side of the map, then talk to Prudence outside her farm. Run northeast following the path and get to the flowers. You'll be attacked by wolves on the way, so it may be helpful to have your gun or bow handy. Pick the flowers and bring them back to Norris.

- Try Norris again! - sequence 7 - level unlocked 3
Talk to Norris outside his house, spy on Myriam quietly. If not, leave the green zone before time runs out. The best way to proceed is to approach the woman's house from the west. Hide around the corner of the building until Myriam walks south and then sit with your back to Connor. When that happens, cross the staging area and examine the clue. Finally, retrace your steps and visit Norris.

- Raw materials - sequence 8 - level unlocked 4
Talk to Norris outside his house and meet him at the border near the eastern border of the Packanack region. Collect a gunpowder barium and drop it on each of the three routes leading to the mine. Set them far enough away to make sure Norris doesn't get caught in the blast. Activate precision aim mode and detonate the barrels when the Redcoats arrive trying to kill as many as possible, then quickly eliminate the survivors. Watch out for Norris' health bar on the left side of the screen; if it empties, you will be forced to repeat the fight from the beginning.


- Deserter - sequence 8 - level unlocked 1
This mission will allow you to recruit Big Dave, who can be found on the southwest John's Town border. Face the Redcoats that hold the man captive, When one remains, a special sequence will begin. Wait for Big Dave to hit the assailant with an elbow, then shoot.

-The right tools - sequence 9 - level 2 unlocked
Talk to Big Dave outside his house. Travel quickly to New York and enter the store east of the city. Buy the ebony hammer handle and hardened steel hammer head for a total of £50, then hand them over to Big Dave.

- Sniffing for trouble ' sequence 9 - level 3 unlocked
Talk to Big Dave. When the explorer starts running, chase him in a straight line. With a little speed, you'll catch him before he has time to ride. Otherwise, you'll have to follow him on a steed. After you catch him, you go back to Big Dave.

- The return - sequence 10 - unlocked level 4
Talk to Big Dave outside the house and follow him to the gunpowder barrels. Pick one up and drop it at the bottom of the track where the redcoat platoon will come from. When the soldiers approach the barrel, shoot them with the gun to kill them on the spot. Repeat the process until all enemy waves are eliminated. You should place them roughly at the same height as the tree nearby, to prevent the explosion from killing or injuring your allies.


- Broken links - sequence 9 - level unlocked 1
This reminder introduces Connor to Ellen, who is on call in downtown New York. Talk to the young lady for help and follow her. When you reach Ellen, knock out her attackers.

- The Silk Road - sequence 9 - level 2 unlocked
Talk to Ellen outside her house. Travel quickly to New York and head to the green marker. Examine the empty box behind the wooden fence, inside the search area, and take possession of the silk roll. Take it back to Ellen.

- The last drop - sequence 9 - level unlocked 3
Talk to Godfrey outside Mile's End tavern and run with the group to Ellen right away. In the next fight, your priority is to protect Ellen's house and not the people on the estate. Deal first with the thugs intent on hitting the door and windows of the house, then concentrate on those in the immediate vicinity.

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