Assassin's Creed 3: How to Join the Boston Brawler Club

Clubs are special organizations that will give you the opportunity to complete optional missions and a wide range of trials, divided into three consecutory levels. You will need to complete each level in order to unlock the next.

The club will be available from the moment you begin sequence 5. To be contacted by the representative of each individual club, however, additional actions will be required. As soon as you receive the invitation, the first level of evidence from the club in question will unlock. Three out of four clubs will also offer specific missions. At the end of each mission, you will receive souvenirs that will appear on the estate and contribute to total synchronization.

A representative of the Boston brawlers will approach when you defeat an opponent with your bare hands at will at the beginning of sequence 5. In doing so, you will unlock the first level of evidence. The first mission is made available after The Boston Wanted in Sequence 5, but subsequent missions inaccessible to you upon your return to New York, after the completion of A Short-References at the beginning of Sequence 9


Requirements: Complete sequence 4 and defeat an enemy with your bare hands to receive an invitation.
- Disarm 5 enemies.
- Kill 5 stunned enemies with a smoke bomb in less than 10 seconds.
- Sneak up on 10 enemies without being detected.
- Kill 25 enemies with the concealed blade
- Kill 10 officers
- You get a series of 5 enemy kills.


Requirements: Complete Brawler Challenges 1
- Face and kill 10 grenadiers.
- Kill an enemy with any kind of weapon
- Execute 5 double killers. It means you'll have to kill two prey at the same time...
- Have the adepts assist you 10 times in combat.
- Clear 3 strong.


Requirements: Complete Brawler Challenges 2
- Get a series of kills of seven enemies
- Use the dart rope to perform 5 attacks
- Buy every weapon available in stores
- Disarm 10 jaegers and kill them with their own weapons.
- Defend yourself from a line of fire using a human shield ten times over.


Requirements: Complete The Boston Wanted in sequence 5 and meet Harold Ring at the Boston Brewery
- When Peter Bunyon reaches the border (Troy'd Wood region), he quickly eliminates his allies with lethal counterattacks (Bunyon is immune). Use counter-attack and disarm or counter-attack and launch moves when attacking and continue with a combo.


Requirements: Defeat Peter Bunyon; complete Short Supply at the beginning of sequence 9
- The sailor's waiting for you in New York on a ship on the west side of the city. Defeat his three friends immediately and concentrate on the main prey. This enemy is a normal attacker and has an impenetrable defense. Use counterattack and disarm and knock him out with your fists.


Requirements: Defeat the Seaman
- The Smuggler is located in Boston, in the northern part of the central district. When you inflict some damage and defeat his three allies, another smuggler will appear with reinforcements. Both are immune to lethal counterattacks, but vulnerable to counterattack and disarmament and counterattack and throw moves, followed as usual by a combo of punches.


Requirements: Defeat Scorpio
- You will find the Scorpio on the border, in the Diamond Basin region. Eliminate the weakest enemies before you take care of him. He paralyzes normal attacks and has an impenetrable defense, so use the counter-attack and disarmament move followed by a punch combo to wear him down.


Requirements: Defeat Scorpio
- The Hard is located in east Boston. Neutralizes his three allies immediately. The only way to defeat him is to position himself near a table or a barrel and use the Counterattack and Throw move to throw him against one of these obstacles. Repeat the process until you win.


Requirements: Defeat the Hard
- You'll find the Merchant in northeast New York. Quickly eliminate his allies and use counterattack and throw or break defense moves followed by a flurry of punches to defeat him.


Requirements: Defeat the Merchant
- Go back to the Boston brewery. You'll face four groups, each consisting of four members (three wimps and a strong, determined leader). Never get too close to the surrounding crowd or they'll hit you. Each leader is a challenge in their own right, but they're all vulnerable to the same moves (Disarm and Break defense).
- The Redcoat is strong. Defeat him with the counterattack and disarmament move followed by fists, even when he draws his sword
- The Port will face you in a small arena, forcing you to watch out for the crowd.
- Against the Surgeon, Connor's vision is blurred and it's harder to see enemies
- Against the Slayer, the women in the crowd will throw smoke bombs. When you notice one starts running towards you, step away to avoid the smoke screen.

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