Assassin's Creed 3 - Guide to the Hunting Society

Clubs are special organizations that will give you the opportunity to complete optional missions and a wide range of trials, divided into three consecutory levels. You will need to complete each level in order to unlock the next.

The club will be available from the moment you begin sequence 5. To be contacted by each club representative, however, you will need to purchase additional actions. As soon as you receive the invitation, the first level of evidence from the club in question will be unlocked. Three out of four clubs will also offer specific missions. At the end of each mission, you will receive souvenirs that will appear on the estate and contribute to total synchronization.

Specifically, in order to receive an invitation to join the Hunter's Society, you must hunt and skin at least one animal. Only after doing so will you be approached by the representative and, after the introductory dialogue, the first level of the hunters' challenges will be unlocked. From now on, hunting huts will appear in the Frontier, one in the north-west and the other in the south. By visiting them you will be able to accept missions related to the club to complete them in sequence.


Requirements: Kill and skin an animal in the Frontier
- Kill 5 deer
- Kill a Wolf
- Skin 10 animals
- Sell the bare hunting gear for £500.
- Use bait and trap to capture 5 aniamals.
- Kill a bear with a concealed blade...


Requirements: Complete Hunters' Challenges 1
- Sneak up on 5 animals with a decoy
- Skin 25 animals
- Kill 10 animals with the concealed blade
- Catch 20 animals with traps
- Kill 15 animals with the bow


Requirements: Complete Hunters' Challenge 2
- Skin all kinds of animals
- Kill 5 horse animals
- Sell the remains for at least £2,000.
- Kill 10 animals fighting close combat
- Complete the hunting map by skinning or finding clues about all kinds of animals in every hunting region of the Frontier and the Estate.
- Collect 50 intact skins

Missions of the Poopers' Society


Requirements: visit one of the hunting lodges in the Frontier

Reach the western part of the Frontier and follow the clues in the green search area that will take you across the river to LA CAVERNA DELL'ORSO. Enter the cavern and transport the Fadar to the centre in order to attract the beast and kill it. When you engage the bear hand-to-hand, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to defeat the bear.

Reward: Unlock the memory of the bear at the Estate


: Complete the Man-Eater

Reach the marked area in the Northwest Frontier and activate the Eagle's Eye to find traces of a rare lynx in the rocky area. When it appears, be ready to go after it and kill it. If you shoot towards the gorge before the lynx starts running, you should be able to kill it in a very short time.

: Unlock the memory of the Lynx at the Estate


Requirements: Complete White Fang

In the marked mission area activate the eagle's eye to spot a deer in the form of golden prey. To get close to the animal, hide in one of the closest staking areas and, trying not to alarm the deer, cast a decoy and wait for it to come alive to kill it.

: Unlock the memory of the deer at the Estate


Requirements: Complete The Patriarch

Reach the green search area in the northwest part of the search and try to kill three aggressive wolves to flush out their leader. The best way to kill them is to approach with caution and use your bow. This way the wolves will not attack you.

Reward: Unlock the memory of the Wolf at the Estate


Requirements: Complete the Packmaster

Reach the marked area on the north side of the border. Climb the west side of the cliff and reach the path that will lead you to the clearing where the Puma will be waiting for you. All you have to do is kill him.

Reward: Unlock the memory of the Puma at the Estate.


Requirements: Complete Vilento Cat

Reach the marked area in Valley Forge. In the area there are several trees on which you can climb to kill your prey - a moose - with an assassination in flight.

Reward: Unlock the moose's memory on the Estate.

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