Assassin's Creed 3 - 10 Little Big Tips


1-Whatever you want to do in the game, wait until you put on the Assassin's robes and concealed blades before you start. In fact many skills, weapons, places, objects, etc., will be made available only once you become Assassins.

2- The world of Assassin’s Creed 3 is really vast, moving quickly becomes essential, unless you want to wander for hours in endless reserves full of snow, so I recommend you find all 10 post stations in the basement of Boston and use the whistle to call the horse anywhere.

3-Synchronize with all observation points so that you have a complete view of the game map.

4-Conquer enemy strongholds by hoisting the American flag to gain control over the stronghold district and trade tax discounts.

5-When you eliminate enemies, especially generals, always plunder the corpses in order to increase your wealth and ammunition in a very short time.

6-Recruit the assassin followers as soon as the game allows you to do so, they will be essential for some major missions.

7-Learn how to hunt animals. Once caught, you can skin them and sell the proceeds. By hunting with your bare hands you will avoid ruining the furs that can be resold at higher prices. Larger animals, such as bears, can be killed more easily through automatic quick time events that will be activated once you have attracted their attention.

8-Use the book on the estate to buy cheap materials and resell them with shipments, so you just need to set the shipment and wait a few minutes to get the proceeds.

9- Be stealthy, as much as possible, exploit the landscape and the city around you, more alive than ever, because the enemies of this chapter are able to organize themselves and shoot you publicly right there.

10-If you need to upgrade the ship, start by reinforcing the armor and the spur that will be able to sink the smaller boats in one fell swoop.

By following these few tips you will be able to tackle the adventure at your best, and after a few uncertain steps you will be ready to become the symbol of the stars and stripes flag!

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