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ARK Survival Evolved The prehistoric epic of Studio Wildcard lands on home consoles, bringing with it a hostile world and reinventing the term survival. Embarking on this adventure will require commitment, perseverance and a solid knowledge of the basics of the game. We at have decided to meet you and with this guide you can quickly learn how to learn how to play, what are the best strategies to take into account and above all, how not to finish your games between the teeth of a fierce Carnotaurus!

What is it ARK Survival Evolved ?
In other words, what the hell am I getting into?

Ark is survival. If you don't know what survival is well, try waking up naked and unarmed on a desert island populated only by ferocious dinosaurs and the concept will be immediately clear. Your aim is to keep yourself alive but finding food or drink is just the beginning and soon you will need to cover yourself from the cold, a house to rest in and store your supplies. Primary needs that will in time be replaced by the desire for adventure and discovery, to tame one of those beasts that until some time before you watched from afar, hidden by vegetation. The adventure is structured on an RPG base in which every action of the game will lead you to gain experience that in turn can be used to level up and buy Engrams, schemes to build new equipment, more and more advanced moving from prehistoric accept stone to the best the war industry can offer at the moment, guided missiles, bazookas with heat-seeking and armoured gatling, just to understand.

The adventure will keep you company for a long time in single player, but its beating heart is in the multiplayer mode where you can share your experience with the rich servers of players. At the first game, however, our passionate advice is to start either on a private server hosted by you or in the PVE, so you don't have to deal with other players who won't think twice about tearing down, destroying or looting what little you've built and collected. Also remember to write down the number of the server chosen because the character you created exists only on that server.

Primitive and Hardcore servers?
That's what to do when you've become a mixture of Vin Diesel and Terminator!

In addition to servers for PVE, i.e. player versus pc, and PVP servers, i.e. player versus player, you can also find particular servers called Primitivi or Hardcore, but we recommend you to face them only once you have really learned how the world of Ark works.

These servers are for the purists of the past. Those who fight the cry of "you were better off when you were worse off" and go off to conquer the world armed only with bows and arrows. In this type of server in fact the game remains stuck in the Stone Age and so do the equipment that you can build, houses, clothes, everything! A primitive mode but that will make you better appreciate the meaning of survival.

If the plunge into prehistory, however, should not be enough and you're one of those players who drinks the blood of their enemies from pretty glass carved into their skull, then you must try the Harcore mode, the ultimate survival experience. A type of server where hunger and cold kills more than the Carnotaurus and where, once you're dead you're dead forever, a bit like in real life but we're sure you've never happened to find yourselves naked to face a fierce rhinoceros

Where to start playing?
That is, if you really run away better not do it in the cave of a hungry Tyrannosaurus!

To start playing the game you'll have to create a character whose many physical attributes you'll have to choose personally, but that won't have any particular effect on the game. During the creation you'll notice that on the right there is a small box in which you can choose the area to start from. If you have chosen the forest know that you are already dead because a hungry wolf will have already digested your intestines before the game has finished loading the surrounding map. The recommended areas to start, ie those of low level, are those located in the southern part of the and, at least for the first 6-7 levels we advise you not to go north to do the Robinson Crusoe of the situation because waiting for you there will not be a nice boy named Friday but only death and destruction. If you have to move, stay on the beach, the sand is your friend!

How to level up?
That is when Cast Away meets Rambo!

Everything you do in the game will give you experience. Practically also breathe will help you to level up and get points with which to boost your stats:

Stamina: Maybe the most important bar in the game. You must never lose an eye on it, more than life energy. Ending Stamina while swimming means you no longer have the strength to stay afloat and then drown. This bar is consumed for each action, it is your stamina, how much the character is able to do. Consuming it all will tire your character who can no longer run until the stamina is recharged and trust me, having the opportunity to run will often serve you more than Bolt!

Thirst: Well, have you ever tried to go without drinking for several hours with that annoying gnap gnap that begins to form in your mouth, drying up your palate? In Ark such a situation will lead you to death, so try to stay well hydrated, especially in hot weather, where the thirst bar will drop faster.

Fortitude: This feature allows you to harden your body. It's like spending a month under a waterfall training. It allows you to better withstand temperature variations, wounds, poisons and all alterations of state.

Crafting Speed: At first it may seem like one of the least useful parameters, but when you quickly need a Bazooka to take down the Giant Spinosauro that is swallowing your tribe it will become crucial.

Torpor: This feature is the only one that does not increase in level. Entering Torpor status means not being able to move and being unconscious for a while. By increasing the Fortitude you will be able to remain unconscious for less time.

Weight: Remember that you are not mythological heroes with superhuman strength able to carry everything, so over 85% of the transportable weight your movements will slow down a lot and bringing the percentage to 100% you will not be able to move anymore.

Damage: And here we come to one of the parameters par excellence, that is to hurt but seriously hurt anything that moves. By increasing this parameter you can in fact inflict very high damage and, in addition, get much more resources from trees, plants and the like.

Oxygen: This is not Monkey Island and your little fighter is not Guybrush, so you won't be able to hold your breath for 10 minutes. Keep an eye on this bar if you want to avoid drowning.

Food: Just like Thirst, Food is an important feature. Do you know that monstrous noise coming from your intestines when they put you in university classes at lunchtime or when they don't give you a break at work? Well, in Ark you neglect your appetite to lose a lot of energy, to suffer more bad weather and, inevitably, to die. For fast food lovers, remember that it is not healthy to gobble up a piece of raw meat quickly and to avoid various poisonings it is always better to light a fire and cook everything!

Health: A vital parameter, who would have thought? Going below 25% will lead you to a status of fatigue and eventually death. You can lose health from anything, it's crazy, isn't it? The bites hurt, the poison as well, not eating kills, not even drinking, falling from great heights is not recommended, drowning ditto and even being stabbed on the tusks of a Mammoth. Rest, take care of yourself, eat and drink on time and call your grandmother at the weekend to keep your health bar high!

Movement speed: Run! Do I really have to tell you how important it will be to run in an unknown and hostile land where plants try to eat you, sheep try to eat you, comrades try to eat you and sometimes even you will try to eat yourself?

The statistics to increase depend on the type of player you are. If you prefer to create bases and build resources the best parameters will be Weight, Crafting and movement speed. If you prefer to live in or near water, the best parameters are Oxygen, Speed and Fortitude. But for the first 10 or so levels we recommend increasing Health, Stamina and especially Damage.

Survive, Orient and Rest?
That is, in the primitive world of Ark you will never be safe!

We start from surviving, or rather surviving depends on you and the skills you acquire but what to do when you die? Do you lose everything? Yes and no, in the sense that your level will remain unchanged but to recover your objects you will have 10 minutes to find your body and take everything back. So if you're about to go on a suicide mission, go naked!

Even orienting is no joke, you'll have to play a lot to be able to memorize the game map and understand which are the best areas to hunt, move and even die. Sometimes it may seem frustrating and often you won't even find your camp anymore but don't despair, practice will make you more accurate than google maps!

Finally, remember that rest does not exist. In Ark when you turn off, the server is always active so before you leave your game station, remember to go to a safe place. Maybe in the center of your camp protected by laser cannons and plutonium mines. Often, however, even this will not be able to save you from raids or from an insane cuccuzzosaurus that has decided to vent its wildest dreams on your home, survival in the end and that too!

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