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Ardy Lightfoot it's a platform game genre developed for Super Nintendo da ASCII and published in 1993 in Japan and in 1996, by Titus, in the United States.

The protagonist of the videogame he is Ardy Lightfoot, an anthropomorphic meerkat accompanied by his friend Pec, a small, round blue penguin. Pec can be used as a weapon or it can become a sort of jackhammer or hot air balloon. If Ardy is hit by an enemy when he is in the company of Pec, the latter disappears and can be recovered later from a chest.
If Ardy is not accompanied by Pec, he can still attack enemies by jumping on them with his tail. He can also protect himself from enemies themselves by hiding behind a mirror.

Ardy Lightfoot's plot is as follows: the sacred rainbow has been broken into 7 pieces and Ardy must find all the fragments. By getting them all, you can make a wish. The first piece has already been taken by the evil King Visconti, who has set out in search of the other 6 fragments.
It is now up to Ardy to face the King's subordinates, assisted by friends like the young Nina and the old man of the village.

Let yourself die while holding L + B to start playing in black and white screen mode.

Press START + RIGHT + Y to skip the level you are in.

Hold RIGHT, Y, L and A, then press START. During the game, press L to become invincible and R to jump higher.

Ardy Lightfoot - SNES

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