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No matter what the reason, whether you lost your phone or just want to track the position of a family member, with the help of some mobile phone tracker you can do all of this. There are many applications that can be used to quickly locate a mobile, among the most common are those you will know right now. If you are thinking of installing a new mobile location application for Android, then you are in the right place.


We know that there is an excessive amount of App for almost anything, today you will know a list of the best App to find your lost mobile, very important.

WP8: The perfect application to find a smart phone

It is important to know that even Microsoft has its own application to find your smartphone. With this you can access a special service available on Windows Phone, so you can enter through a web-based control panel. This App for locating your mobile allows you to log in with the LiveID account you associate with the phone. If configured correctly, it will allow you to track your phone on a map and print a copy if you wish. In addition, you can lock the phone remotely and leave a personalized message on your mobile's lock screen.

LOOKOUT - The all-in-one solution

Lookout presents a localization application for your Android and iOS device. Features include the ability to track your device on a map and sound the alarm if necessary. It also allows backing up contacts to activate a special feature, "Signal Flare", which automatically saves the last position of the device before shutting down due to low battery. Features that differ between iOS and Android. With the iOS version you can send a personalized message on the locked screen. The Android version, on the other hand, offers an antivirus feature and the ability to activate the camera in case someone enters the PIN to unlock the phone incorrectly. Even in the open source world there is an application to track a stolen smartphone. It is an anti-theft dam, powerful and complete. Key features of the application include smart phone tracking via GPS and Wi-Fi and the ability to take photos remotely via the front and rear camera. It is also possible to sound a loud alarm, display a custom message on the screen and detect changes made to the SIM card (Android only).


Where's My Droid  is one of the first mobile location applications for Android. From theft recognition to geo-fencing, it can be used in a variety of ways. FEATURES
  • Track the current position of the device.
  • The application also provides a record of your phone's previous locations.
  • The theft recognition feature will notify you if your phone is stolen.
  • When the attempt to unlock the screen fails, take a picture of the device's camera.
  • You can lock your device remotely from your web interface.
  • Lots of additional features including GPS signaling and geo-fencing
  • Possibility to restart a device
  • Sometimes GPS tracking can stop unexpectedly
PRICE The basic plan starts at $3.84 per year for each device.

AVG Anti-Theft

As part of the AVG antivirus system, AVG Anti-Theft can be used to instantly track your lost phone. You can access your real-time location feature to get the real-time location of your lost or stolen device. FEATURES
  • The application can track a mobile phone in real time.
  • Because it's compatible with Google Maps, it's really easy to track the location of a device.
  • The camera's capture function takes a picture of someone trying to tamper with their phone lock.
  • The application automatically locks the phone when the SIM card is removed.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Is capable of automatically erasing data from a device
  • Contains advertising in the application.
  • It consumes a lot of battery.

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