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If you are looking for the best App to edit photos, then surely here you will find the one that best suits you. No doubt you can find the best quality photographs with smart phones and then if you want to optimize the images you can use the app to edit before uploading them to Facebook or Instagram.

The edition of the photograph is one of the most important parts to make the upload to social networks. It is important to have photos retouched to improve the appearance of your networks, photos with good filters and retouches stand out remarkably. For example, you can increase followers on social networks such as Instagram with a little attention and the best applications to achieve the effect we want on our photos.


We know that there are a lot of applications to solve our daily problems, that is why we will offer you the ones you need right now to edit and retouch your photos with the best quality so that you look like never before with the professionalism you deserve.

Here are the best Apps to edit your photos like never before.

PIXLR is also a photo editor for PC and Mac.

Undoubtedly this is a very effective application to edit your photos from a mobile or other similar devices.

With this App to edit your photos you can improve the photos remarkably making an edition with precision. When using PIXLR you will have a quality difference that you will like very much, you can even edit photos from a computer or Mac Apple: all you need is the Internet and that’s it.


We all know that this is one of the best applications for editing photos. It is clear that Adobe Photoshop Express has a basic version that helps to work with it from smart phones (for free) this gives the user many features with which you can edit your photos with the best quality.

Through this application you can adjust the exposure, contrast and also the cropping settings of the images that we attach to edit.

We know that this includes automatic adjustment of the images we upload, defect removal tool, many different filters for different view types and other helpful features. This means that this application is complete 360 degrees, as it offers all the basic tools for editing photos that we need.

A premium version has help differences, because with it you can make much more professional editions, it is also available in online stores and naturally includes additional features. However, if we can only get the basic version it is enough and advances everything necessary for those who do not need professional functions, but only simple edition.


Snapseed is one of the most popular and used photo applications in history, for those who don’t know. As far as we are concerned, we find this application very complete with several features that can be really useful for users.

In fact, the application allows you to adjust shadows and lights as you like, configure the filter we like among the many solutions available, adjust brightness, contrast and other additional factors.

The most interesting aspect of this photo editing app is that it allows you to do specific work only on certain parts of our photos. By selecting the affected part it is possible to modify only that part, obtaining even more exciting results. Try it for yourself!

PIC COLLAGE, application for Android and iOS

Simple and immediate application to create a montage of images in a grid. Available on all major operating systems, this photo collage tool is the ideal solution for creating beautiful images for free from your smartphone or tablet.


If you want to change your night photo to enhance subjects and reduce noise due to low brightness, you can use Afterlight. This application is one of the best photo editing applications you can find for free on iOS or Android: with 79 filters and 15 presets to choose from, you can crop images and transform them to your liking. Ideal for those looking for an easy-to-use application to edit photos in seconds.

Canva, one of the best applications for completely editing photos, cannot be renounced. It’s not just about adding filters, adjusting brightness and contrast.

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