Apps to download movies

Every time you lay on the table the issue of downloading movies, the eternal debate opens piracy. Downloading a film is not easy or cheap, even a short 10 minutes movie, and behind it, there is a very important technical and artistic team that suffers the effects of every fraudulent download which are often poor quality. Another thing to do is using the apps to download films that comply with the law.

Apps to download movies Services like Netflix, which offer many movies and series in exchange of Subscribing, have gathered strength in Spain, facing the culture of "all free" with great results. But besides being paid, these apps have another drawback: we need to have a good wifi network or we are going to have troubles at watching the movie. iTunes also allows us to download movies, but also by paying.

Apps to download free movies

Actually, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find apps to download movies for free and legally, without infringing any copyright. The only exception are the free movies rights which have nothing to do with that classic blockbuster film or that we want to see an afternoon in our couch, with the blanket and popcorns. Luckily, we have tricks for everything and to find apps like Gums Up will help us downloading the movies. If you want to see the best featured films, click on Gums Up is not just an app. You often have to pay for applications, but not this one! The app is paying you! The download and the registration is completely free, and once completed the process of earning points (Gums), it is very easy. Just test other apps, fill surveys or watch videos. In addition, for every friend you invite, you can get extra Gums.

Apps for Android download movies

As you accumulate Gums, you will see that you will unlock some rewards, all very interesting. Among the rewards you can find Google Play gift cards, with which you can download all the movies from the Play Store. If you have an Apple device, instead of an Android operating system, you can use the cards from the App Store to download the movie without any problem. In addition, we also find gift cards for the Amazon store with which we can buy the films directly, without downloading it. Another reward very interesting if you're a film buff is redeem Gums on PayPal money, as you can invest in payment subscription to a streaming service, online video stores or any of the apps to legally download movies from the market. 

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