Apex Legends Guide: How to Start a Game

As in any battle-royale, finding weapons and equipment at the start of the game is vital in Apex Legends. In this guide we will give you useful tips on how to start a game in the best possible way and increase your chances of winning.

The supply loots are different depending on the area we're in.

Apex Legends, unlike other games in the battle-royale genre, has different types of loot depending on the area you're in. So let's be careful to choose our team's landing position well. In any case, we'll be notified about the quality of the loot in the area as we move around the game map.

We land on the supply ships to enter the battle immediately...

Another difference is that in Apex Legends there is a chance to jump into battle right away. If we land on the "supply ship", that huge mobile play area on the map, we can immediately stock up on advanced equipment. It's a location where it's difficult to land, but don't worry: we can reach it even once we've landed. There are also other special areas on the map where you can find a very high density of equipment. Obviously these areas will be the richest in opponents, be careful!

Password: Collaborate!

In addition to equipment, team play is of paramount importance. The mechanics of Apex Legends reward collaboration between the three players in the team. Always stay close to the other two players, make sure they are always well supplied with weapons and ammunition and in case they end up knocked out, let's revive them.

By following these rules, with a little practice and even a little luck, you should be able to secure your victory.

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