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    Apex Legends | Definitive Guide to the Kings Canyon Map

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    Apex Legends , the new battle-royale of Respawn Entertainment has a very varied map. The King's Canyon is full of hills, underground areas, cliffs. In each area there are many weapons and items to be recovered to prepare for battle.

    Our definitive map guide Apex Legends describes each area of the game world in detail explaining where to land and where to find the best loots.

    Apex Legends | King's Canyon Map Guide

    Currently Apex Legends , it only has a map called King's Canyon. Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that they will add new ones later. The map of King's Canyon seems easier to explore than other battle-royale maps because it's small in size and you can move and relocate very quickly.

    On the map there are 17 locations that contain loots of different quality. Each of them can contain weapons, armor, accessories and consumables. Apex Legends recently released, many players wonder where to find the best loots. We'll explain that in this guide.

    Apex Legends | The best places of objects - how loots work

    In Apex Legends , when you visit a place for the first time in a match, its name will appear next to the minimap in the top left corner of the screen. Under the name, the quality of the place's loot for the current match will also be indicated.

    We talked about "match in progress" because the quality of the loot is different for each match, although in general the changes are minimal. You can monitor loot quality trends in the various areas on This is a site where users can vote for loot quality. Over time it will become more and more accurate. Here is the current situation:

    The Hot Zones

    In each match there will be different locations that will have a blue circle on them. They are called "Hot Zone". Loots located in these areas have a very high value. They are also the only areas on the map where you can find the gold version of non-legendary weapons. The gold versions of the weapons already have all the accessories included. For more information about weapons you can consult the Weapons Guide.

    Finding this type of weapons as soon as possible will increase your chances of survival. Obviously going to a Hot Zone also means going to meet a lot of opponents. Make sure you are well equipped before entering it.

    Supply ships

    The supply ships are other exclusive areas. These are huge flying ships, similar to the one you launch from at the start of the game. These ships will appear sporadically in different positions on the map (at the start of the game you will always find one to land on) and contain a high value loot. For this reason, as well as for Hot Zones, they are very crowded places. Only go there if you are well equipped!

    I Drops of Supplies

    A more familiar feature for those who have already played the other battle-royale like Fortnite or PUBG, is the drop of supplies. These are pods that are launched on the game map at different times during the match. Each time they arrive you will receive a notification with the location where they will land.

    The loots contained in these are of the highest quality, if not the highest, since you can also find the two legendary weapons: the Mastiff Shotgun and the Kraber .50 CAL Sniper Rifle. Needless to say, even the supply drop points are very dangerous areas because even the opposing players will be ready to recover their contents.

    Apex Legends | The best places to land

    We will now analyze several locations in King's Canyon and compare them one by one based on location, size, loot quality and other factors. The list of locations is constantly updated.


    Artillery is located north of the map. It is a fairly large area where you can find high quality loot at least nine times out of ten. However, it is a quite dangerous drop zone. There are a large number of buildings to explore nearby. If you are skilled you will explore them all in about a minute and a half. The ziplines on the roofs of the buildings will allow you to travel quickly, while the tunnels to the west will offer you an alternative passage full of loots.

    The area immediately south of the Artillery, although it seems empty, contains a large number of supplies. This is a recommended place to land since it will never be as crowded as the artillery. The advice is to land south, refuel and go to the artillery.


    The Transmitter is located on the northeast side of the game map. You will often be forced to go to the center of this area to avoid being hit by the ring and suffer damage. This is a place where you can land if you want a quiet start to the game. In this place you can probably find high quality equipment and in general there are not too many opposing teams.

    Skull Town

    Skull Town is an area located southwest of the map. Although you don't usually find a loot of the highest level, it is still a good place to land. If you are thrifty (but also fucked up) the whole team can start the party with good supplies. Also this place is close enough to other places with good loots.

    For example Arena, which is located just to the south, has a high level loot, but very scattered, so you are more easily exposed to enemies. The advice is to land in Skull Town and then go there.


    Repulsor is another high level loot zone. Very similar to Artillery, it has the same style of buildings. It has a tunnel system that contains a lot of loots as well as being a good way to escape from confrontations.

    The tunnels connect it to the Hydroelectric Power Plant to the north, which in particular does not contain high level loots, but it is usually an area where many teams land. Ergo, keep an eye on the northbound tunnel to avoid nasty surprises!

    Melma Lakes

    This area, located to the northwest, consists of a series of small houses. Usually it contains medium level loots but it is very easy and fast to switch from one house to another so if you secure the place before the opposing teams you will be advantaged.

    There is another set of buildings in the northeast cliff where you can find good loots. The most important thing though, is the hot air balloon that allows you to travel anywhere on the map.

    The Bunker

    As in any battle-royale, river zones are death zones. The bunker isn't exactly the best place to land as it's surrounded by a hill from which enemies can hurl themselves at you from any direction. However, if you're just passing through you can almost always find high-level loots. You can also go under the cliff to the Airbase, the Outflow or the Pit.

    The Marketplace

    The Market is an area where you will generally find medium level loots, sometimes even low level. The good thing is that it's practically in the middle of the map, so you can go anywhere from here. In the larger building you should be able to find enough weapons for a team of three.

    Another positive aspect is that there are compact houses here, like in the Melma Lakes area. A good place to land is the roof of the main market building. Being a fairly isolated area you can easily refuel. Be careful though, there are few doors to enter or exit the building. In case you are attacked by enemies, it is better to take the zipline located on the roof of the building.

    The Air Force Base

    This area is located on the west coast of King's Canyon Island and you can find almost nine times out of ten high quality loots. It is an area almost isolated from the rest of the map due to the large dam. Nearby there are several docked ships where very often the best loots can be found.

    This is the information gathered so far on Apex Legends .

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