Ape Escape PS1 cheats

Ape Escape, first chapter of the homonymous series developed by SCEI, is a video game published for Sony PlayStation in 1999. This game is one of the first ever to require the use of the famous Dualshock joypad.

Initial protagonist of the game he is Specter, a cute monkey from an amusement park whose main characteristic is that he is white. One day the monkey finds a helmet and, after putting it on, finds himself endowed with an intelligence out of the ordinary. He becomes a real genius to whom the park is tight: he decides to conquer the world and to provide helmets to the other monkeys in the park, to invade Prof. Hakase's house.
Here, two boys named Kakeru and Hiroki find the professor bound and gagged some time later. Also linked is Natsumi, the professor's niece. The boys had gone there to see Hakase's latest invention, the time Machine. This is activated and the two youngsters find themselves catapulted back in time, along with all the other monkeys. The player's task is to find the primates and bring them home. In the game there are many bonus levels, in which you face Hiroki with the clear goal of defeating him in a wild obstacle course.

After completing all 3 tracks in first place, the screen should turn purple and a notification should appear that the upcoming races will be much more difficult than the standard ones. After unlocking this cheat, you will no longer be able to return to the original difficulty.

During the Ski mini game, hold L1 + R1 for a rear view of the track.

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