Anthem: Guide to the Effects of Elemental Attacks

To cause more damage or have attack bonuses with different effects, Anthem players can use elemental attacks, i.e. attacks caused by elements. There are different elemental attacks in Anthem: Fire, Ice, Electricity and Acid. To survive in the hostile world of Anthem, you need to know what the effects of elemental attacks are. With this guide to the effects of elemental attacks we want to help you to know which elements to use in various situations. We will show you how these attacks work and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Anthem | How to use the Fire element

First of all, let's talk about Fire. As an element, fire is excellent against the normal health bar, the red bar. It does damage over time; in other words, it will continue to do damage even after every single blow inflicted, with enemies literally going up in flames. Not only that, it is also very useful against armor and physical shields. Energy shields, or the blue bar, are a different matter. Fire is not so useful against them.

The element of fire, then, has offensive effects against enemies who do not protect themselves with energy shields because it does only physical damage.

Anthem | How to use the Ice element

Ice is drastically different from Fire, of course. If you want to rage on enemies with damage bonuses, ice is not exactly the right choice, but if you want to have time to take aim and you want to avoid the enemy counterattacks, the ice element is very useful.

Ice, in fact, slows down enemies. Also, if you accumulate the elemental effect long enough, you'll freeze enemies in place, leaving them vulnerable to deadly combos, which you can perform with normal attacks or the use of other elements.

Also, unlike Fire, Ice works quite well against energy shields (blue). Physical shields, not so much; those are quite resilient to Ice.

Anthem | How to use the Acid element

So, we have Acid. Like fire, it's good against physical shields and armor (yellow bar). However, unlike Fire, it does not inflict long-term damage to health, but mainly to armor. However, the main effect of Acid is that it stuns and reduces the mobility of enemies, also reducing their resistance. Thus, enemies under the effect of Acid suffer much more damage.

Anthem | How to use the Electricity element

Last, but certainly not least, is electricity. Its main force is against shields, especially against energy shields. Physical shields have more defensive power against this element. The main effect is that it usually inflicts AoE damage, so it's a good idea to use it when you want to hit many enemies in a larger or smaller area, and more importantly, attacks go from enemy to enemy, spreading from one to another if they are very close to each other.

This is what you need to know about the effects of elemental attacks in Athem. If you need further help, you can see our guide index below.

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