Another World Super Nintendo cheats

Another World, which in Japan is known as Outer World and in the North American market as Out of This World, is a science fiction video game developed in 1991 by Éric Chahi for Delphine Software International.

The video game came distributed in the same year by Interplay Entertainment, not just for SNES but also for other platforms, including the Amiga. The game's artwork and cover also bear Chahi's signature. When we talk about Another World we are certainly talking about a classic, a cult title that has also generated a sequel: Heart of the Alien, available only for Sega Mega CD.
Another World star is Lester Knight Chaykin, a physics genius who works in a high-tech laboratory. One evening Lester arrives in the laboratory, while a storm is raging outside; the boy starts his console for an experiment but lightning strikes the laboratory, causing an anomalous energy charge.

Another World is a platform with some peculiarities: it is in fact necessary to carry out some “pre-established” actions and perform them with sometimes almost perfect timing, on pain of death. In some phases of the game you can also use a gun that not only fires but is also able to create an energy shield that temporarily protects against enemy shots.

LDKD - Level 1
HTDC - Level 2
CLLD - Level 3
LBKG - Level 4
XDDJ - Level 5
FXLC - Level 6
KRFK - Level 7
KLFB - Level 8
DDRX - Level 9
HRTB - Level 10
BRTD - Level 11
TFBB - Level 12
TXHF - Level 13
CKJL - Level 14
LFCK - Level 15

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