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After the release of the PC version, the Milanese studio Lunar Great Wall of Another Sight has decided to bring the title also on consoles.

Another Sight is an indie puzzle-platform title developed in collaboration with theInstitute of the Blind in Milan, with the aim of raising awareness of the problem that afflicts the blind, making us face the game from another perspective.

A new way of seeing

Lunar Great Wall Studios offers us an adventure in the role of kit, a young girl who following an accident in the London underground it is deprived of sight.

Starting the game we will be catapulted into the underground areas of the city where Kit fell due to a collapse, but it will be a little later that we will get acquainted with Hodge, the cat who will help us throughout our journey.

Hodge is a fundamental character, as it will allow us to take on his shoes and have a better view of what surrounds us. In fact, it is possible to alternate the characters of Kit and Hodge, in this way the cat will practically be our eyes, giving the player a different point of view of the situation.

The dear cat will guide us through the most intricate puzzles, obstacles and paths that we will find along the way to the surface, thanks to a mechanic that we will talk about later that will also help us in the search for our father.

Steampunk setting that is the host

Everything is set in a Victorian London of 1899 and is characterized mainly by elements steampunk, capable of giving the game an aura rich in culture and personality.

We will meet great minds of the century, of the caliber of Claude Monet e Jules Verne, and still others gathered in a mysterious secret organization.

The narration of Another Sight is told through illustrated cutscenes. As previously mentioned, we will find ourselves meeting characters of great depth, without however delving into their events. As a direct consequence it is created confusion in the plot, and the result will be that of finding oneself with a narrative that is not always clear and smooth.

A somewhat lacking technical sector

Despite being a transposition of the PC version released on September 6, 2018, we still find ourselves with unresolved problems.

Starting from not very smooth controls of Hodge that result cumbersome e not very precise. We also ran into bugs that during the game created collision problems between the protagonists and the environment, thus ruining the fluidity of the experience.

During the various initial scenarios we will end up with puzzles that are all too simple and linear, but as we go on they will break away from the initial monotony, making us discover some puzzles more complex and challenging.

As regards the graphic sector, unfortunately the potential of the game is not exploited to the fullest, thus resulting in a dampening of what the title could have offered between settings and artistic direction.

Although the game has some quirks, it fails to impress the player during his adventure, which is a shame considering the initial concept.

In fact, it will be difficult to identify with Kit's blindness, despite some pleasant mechanics such as that of orienting ourselves through the environmental noises that will transform the light to help us move through the map.

Small considerations

Despite the good will of the Milanese studio Lunar Great Wall to put ourselves in the shoes of a blind person, overall the title failed to impress us that much.

We enjoyed the underlying concept, which unfortunately did not deliver what was hoped for. Despite the technical problems encountered, it will still be a particular and pleasant adventure as a whole.

The game is already available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a price of 19,99, while the version Nintendo Switch will be available from June 28th.

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