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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally arrived in stores, now you just have to land on the island offered to us by the travel agency Nook Inc. managed by the evil Toom Nook.

With this guide we will give you some tips that can make life on the island easier for you.

The choice of the map

The Animal Crossing series features random map generation.

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nintendo introduces the possibility to choose the game map, through 4 templates that will be shown to the player in the introductory sequence.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons keeps the template choice, once you start the game you will find yourself inside Nook Inc. and after a first character customization, you will be asked to choose the template for the island.

Our advice is to choose between the four the island that has the largest possible space near the sea and rivers, because initially you will not have access to the whole map due to the differences in height and the river.

Once you have progressed in the game, you will be able to craft a portable ladder, useful for overcoming gradients, and an extendable pole useful for crossing the other side of the river.

If you don't like the initial 4 aspects of the island, you can always reset the game to get another 4 different ones.

We respect distances

Once you land, Toom Nook will provide you with a tent and the basic tools you need to start your island adventure. The tent, once placed, will become your home, so make sure you place it in a strategic point, with plenty of free space in front and on the sides to be able to expand it as you wish.

After placing your tent, you will be asked to also place the one of the two inhabitants who landed with you.

As you progress through the adventure, you will be asked to place the Museum, Nook's Workshop and the visitor center.

We advise you not to place the Museum in front of your house, as once fully built it will take up a lot of space. In fact, the Museum is one of the largest buildings in the game.

Collect resources

One of the main objectives of the Animal Crossing series is to collect as many materials and objects as possible.

Later, you can resell or use them in the brand new Work station to be able to build furniture and decorations with do-it-yourself.

On the other hand, this should be how you spend yours normal day on Animal Crossing.

Always donate unique items

The game will allow you to find fossils through the holes on the island, to catch various insects and to catch various species of fish.

Once obtained, we strongly recommend that you give them to Tom Nook if you are still in the early stages of the game.

Alternatively, you can deliver them directly to the Museum which will not give you Stars in exchange, but will be very grateful to you, as you are going to improve the Museum, thus attracting new inhabitants.

If, on the other hand, you aim to infinitely increase your Stars, you can consult our guide that talks about how to make money fast.

Watch your inventory

As in all games where there is an inventory and unfortunately at the beginning of the adventure you will not be able to afford the luxury of being able to collect whatever comes your way.

Of course you will have to expand it through the crafting skill, so before leaving for a new island we advise you to empty it and leave only the tools necessary for the collection of minerals, fossils, fish, insects and fruit.

The objects found if left on the ground will not disappear, but will remain there indefinitely.

A flying gift package

During your exploration, you may come across some flying gift boxes.

To get them, just use the slingshot to burst the balloon and once the package has fallen, be careful not to let it fall into the water or it will disappear, you can collect it to be able to see and use the contents inside.

The balloons appear several times throughout the day and the game will alert you with a sound.

Visit the islands

The new currency introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the Miles of Nook, a special currency that you can obtain by achieving specific objectives proposed by the game.

Once you have earned 2.000 Miles, you can decide to exchange them for a special ticket that will allow you to visit a random island.

On this island, you will be able to collect fruit, materials, objects and even find new inhabitants to convince to move to your island.

You will have no time limit and there will be a Workbench to be able to build new basic tools if necessary.

Remember that once you leave the island, you will not be able to return as it is randomly generated by the game, so by buying an additional ticket you will end up on a new island.

Plant as many fruit trees as you can

Your island will natively have only one fruit, in fact to be able to get the others, you just have to visit your friends through the co-op multiplayer mode or online or through the random islands.

Once you get a new fruit, just plant it and after a couple of days it will become a fruit tree.

Beware of spiders and wasps

The island is not a peaceful place, it hides pitfalls that could cause you many problems.

For example, if you shake a tree too many times, you can find a wasp's nest on your head, at which point you will have to immediately run into the water or into a building if you do not want to find yourself with a sting in the eye.

Remember that going around at night is never safe, in fact on your island and in the others the fearsome tarantulas roam. If they attack you, you will wake up in front of your house, so try to catch them silently or run away if they decide to attack you.

Also, if you catch a tarantula, you can sell it to Mirco and Marco for good 8000 stars. There is also about this a method to be able to capture many!

Always call for help if necessary

Between one move and another on the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons it could also happen to rthey get stuck in some corner of the map, in this case the dear and old Mr. Resetti comes to the rescue.

In this new chapter Mr. Resetti he will no longer lecture you for turning off the console while saving, but will come to save you via the “! Relief ".

By accessing the menu "! Rescue " in exchange for a small amount in Miles, you will be taken back to the center of the island.

Always hit the rocks

Whenever you hit a rock with the shovel, it will drop valuable resources, including gods Minerals as well as the Little stars.

You can receive up to eight ores or bags of stars from the rocks you hit. Below we will explain how to maximize the resources obtained from a single rock:

  • Position yourself next to a rock by equipping the shovel.
  • Turn around and dig two holes.
  • Make sure you are between the rock and the dug holes. The holes will prevent you from moving away from the rock after each shot.
  • Hit the rock as many times as you can and as fast as possible.

Our advice on how to best start your island adventure ends here, now you just have to have fun exploring the island and the new mechanics introduced in the game.

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