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Catching fish is a main feature of Animal Crossing: in addition to a valuable pastime, it is also one of the main activities for obtaining stars and for expand the Blatero Museum.

Let's see how to fish and where to find all the fish in the game!

I can't fish more!

To be able to catch the fish, you first need a fishing rod, after which you just go to a river or the beach and press the A button to be able to cast the hook.

Long press of the A button does not change the throw distance of the hook, so if you have a fish close to the shore, move away slightly and then cast.

After launching the hook you just have to wait for the arrival of a fish. Normally the fish "pinches" 2/3 times the hook, once done it will pull the float down, at which point click the A key to wrap the line and thus catch the fish.

Be careful to press the A button at the right time, otherwise the fish will escape.

There are six different fish sizes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Big fish

Average fish

Small fish

Once caught, you can donate them to the Blatero Museum to be able to expand it and thus allow the arrival of new tourists and inhabitants on the island.

Alternatively, you can decide whether sell them to Mirco and Marco or keep them as an ornament for the home.

Remember that, as for fossils, Blatero accepts only one copy of each donated fish.

Depending on the terrestrial hemisphere you selected at the beginning of the game, some fish will appear in different months of the year. In the following table we will always refer to the Northern Hemisphere.

All fish present


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