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Starting with Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.2.0, you can purchase several artworks from Volpolo, the shady and sarcastic fox present in all the titles of the series dedicated to cheating the player by selling him counterfeit works.

In this guide we will see how to expand the museum to open the new art gallery, where to find Volpolo and how to recognize genuine works from fakes.

For all the tips and tricks on the world of New Horizons, we invite you to consult our complete guide to the game.

Let's open the art gallery

For Volpolo to arrive on our island, the curator of the Blatero museum must first of all express interest in receiving works of art.

After making 60 donations of any kind including insects, fish and fossils, Blatero will propose the idea of expand the museum to open an art gallery, but will need a first piece to exhibit in order to start the work.

The following day Fuffi will warn us during the initial news that a shady figure is wandering around the island. Once we meet Volpolo he will immediately propose a deal, a random painting at the price of 498.000 Stars. After we refuse such an exaggerated price, he will give us a discount, reducing the cost to only 4.980 Bells.

Once this painting has been donated to Blatero, he will start the renovations. The museum will therefore remain closed for the next day, and will reopen the following day with a new section available.

How to buy new works of art

Once the museum reopens its doors, Volpolo will return to our island on random days. Sometimes Fuffi will warn us of his presence during the news, but he could also appear without warning, or while other traders occupy the main square.

His boat it will always dock in the north of the island, so check the map every day to see if you notice its icon. Sometimes it may happen that although the boat is present we cannot enter it, in this case we will have to track down Volpolo on the island and tell him that we intend to do business with him.

Inside the ship he will introduce us a selection of works of art, but not all of them will be genuine. In fact, Volpolo is a fraud, and will often and willingly propose to buy counterfeit works, which Blatero will refuse to exhibit in his museum.

Fortunately all of the fakes present rather obvious defects, so just watch carefully to avoid being cheated.

Furthermore, our inhabitants may spontaneously decide to donate some works of art in their possession, greatly simplifying the completion of our collection.

List of paintings and how to distinguish the fakes

In this table you can find the name used within the game of each painting, a brief description of the counterfeit version, and an image of the original painting to use as a comparison.

Some names will be English, but we will update this guide with Italian names as we progress through the game.



However, some paintings are always true, and have no counterfeit version.

List of statues and how to distinguish the fakes

Even among the statues there are some elements that do not have a counterfeit version, so they are always safe to buy.

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