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Based in the universe of Anima, a tabletop role-playing game, Anima Gate of Memories Arcane Edition is a collection of two action RPG with mechanics platform ed puzzles.

We will base the game experience via the for version Nintendo Switch, however, the game has already been released in the past for other platforms that is PC, Sony PlayStation 4 and is also available for Xbox One.

A first game always based on Anima was released exclusively for Wii like WiiWare, and it too was based in the same universe, but it does not represent a background, rather a parallel game. Unfortunately a platform with awkward and inaccurate commands, which did not receive a favorable opinion from the critics.

The game developed by Anima Project Is it worth the purchase or will it turn out to be a flop? Let's look at the title with a careful analysis.

In search of the lost text

Let's venture to Gaia ...

By launching the game we will be able to choose which of the two chapters to play:

  • Anima: Gate of Memories
  • Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles

The story of Anima Gate of Memories tells the story of how the Byblos, a prophetic book. Despite the Church keep your book safe thanks toOrder of Nathaniel, a great sorceress of the organization, as well as mentor of the protagonist, decides to steal the sacred text, for no apparent reason.

Our heroine, Bearer of Calamities, will be chosen to pursue the traitor. Together with the world, an ancient and very powerful monster sealed inside a book who will put his immense strength at the service of the protagonist, will have to save the book from the wrong hands.

A strong point of the game is the dubbing, done really well for the English language. The actors speak in a natural way and reflect the emotions of the characters in all their spectrum, a fundamental aspect, since we are talking about characters of a GDR.

The nameless girl and the monster in the book

bearer is faithful to the cliché of the powerful sorceress integral and dedicated to her Order, while Ergo it will reveal itself as a snooty slimy being, aware of its immense strength. Obviously the two will launch continuous digs that I found amusing, albeit obvious. But how do our heroes move?

  • With the left stick we will be able to move in the scenario.
  • The key ZR held down one time will allow us to dodge attacks and blows, held down will allow us to run.
  • With the key B we will jump and pressed again in the air to perform a double jump.
  • With Y we will be able to chain physical attacks.
  • Lo right stick it will be useful to change the camera angle. By pressing it we can straighten the camera or if in battle we can focus individually for each enemy.
  • Il DPAD will allow us to use 3 objects that we can assign from the menu or access the map.
  • X, A, L, ZL they will be buttons that we can customize by assigning them a magical or technical attack.
  • With the key R instead we can swap places with our partner.
  • With we will access the menu where we can equip weapons and armor, customize the attack buttons, set the skills, consume items, read the synopsis and finally consult the map of the various levels we have explored.

Personally, I was not comfortable with them commands in the menu, because we will use the Y key to confirm the choices and the A key to cancel them, that I found it uncomfortable and unusual.

However, the possibility of being able to do so is very pleasant map the keys of the special attacks at will. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of being able to freely exchange the two protagonists and the possibility of connecting their attacks, we will be able to extend and make the gameplay more varied.

We will be able to customize the commands to extend the combos and vary the attacks.

As happens in most games, the first level will work from tutorial. After learning the basics of movement in a long avenue, we will be catapulted into a village prey to the monsters released by the enemy, which we will use to master the art of combat.

During the first phase of the level we will be able to use only Bearer, but as soon as we face the traitor of the order, we will be able to exchange roles with the maniacal Ergo.

A simple clone or an innovative idea?

A fight against a boss.

Who played the series devil may cry will perceive an immediate sense of déjà vu. The fights are very similar to the Japanese game, but when we do the first ones combo we will notice the true similarity. Like in the game Capcom, a succession of attacks will give us a blandly copied score to the aforementioned title.

The first point against this game is the combat, which represents the fulcrum of the action. Unfortunately Soul does not punish repetition, it will therefore be easy and obvious to continue to perform the same attack, dodge at the right time and repeat indefinitely. Combined with the fact that the enemies will always have too much, too much life, it will make the fight slow, boring e repetitive.

If standard enemies have too much life, imagine the bosses ...

After the battle we will be transported inside a magic tower, called Arcane, and unfortunately we will be deprived of all our power. We will have leveled up thanks to the previous battle and we will be able to assign 2 skill points, which will be used to learn new moves or passive skills. We will also be able to learn how it works Divorce Tree thanks to a tutorial.

Now we will be able to explore the tower to be able to move forward in our intricate plot.

Let's explore the Arcane

The platforming sections of this game are long and slow.

The Arcane is a gigantic and grotesque tower that will connect the player to different rooms. These are the memories of the Messengers, powerful entities that appeared for no apparent reason in the tower.

The game will then lead us to alternate exploration phases of a truly vast world, a combat phases, to sequences vaguely reminiscent of i platform games.

Unfortunately the running speed of the characters is very poor, and the world, however vast, will be bare and sad to see, leaving us no desire to go back, but unfortunately for us the game will also offer many backtracking scenes.

Finally, speaking of the few, fortunately, platform sections, also in this case the game will be slow and boring. Instead of being quick and immediate, we will often have to wait a few very long seconds to be able to advance. Also for some strange programming reason the Bearer will not have any frame lag from the jump, while Ergo, before moving after a jump, has about 60 frames of lag.

The atmosphere of Anima Gate of Memories

The cutscenes will be motionless 3D models.

As we progress through the game, we will find ourselves activating events that will unlock cutscene developed in a somewhat embarrassing way. Unfortunately the scenes will portray the immobile characters where the camera will move around them, making the player feel seasick, failing therefore in the intent of give a semblance of depth to the scene.

Unlike the cinematic sector, the audio one fares better.

The sound effects, the dubbing, already mentioned above, and the soundtrack they manage to involve the player. The gothic music reflects the dark theme of the opera, combined with the excellent dubbing and sufficient sound effects offer a pleasant adventure.

But what about Nameless Chronicles instead?

The frenzied action of the Nameless

At the beginning of the article I told you that the game is divided into two chapters.

While the first, Anima Gate of Memories it's a title mediocre, often boring and dictated by repetitiveness, Nameless Chronicles it will give us a pleasant and immediate challenge.

We will play one of these powerful messengers, the Nameless, in a parallel adventure with respect to the two protagonists with whom we will often cross our steps.

Unlike the bearer and Ergo, the player will find himself a very strong character, fast and some puzzles, completely differentiating himself from the first episode.

The power of the character compensates for the great energy of the enemies, making the game more quick and immediate.

Its speed instead improves exploration, making it less boring and repetitive.

even the cutscenes will be more animated and beautiful to see.

Conclusions on Anima Gate of Memories Arcane Edition

I was very fought for the judgment of this game, because it was full of potential, but not programmed at best, perhaps because the development team consists of only 3 people.

The game has a very interesting story and it's a lot long-lived. Based on the choices we make during the game we will have different endings available that will further characterize the characters and their actions.

However, it lacks in game mechanics and originality. If you found it discounted it would be a good buy.

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