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If you're thinking about making a gift to someone but you decide why, have you thought you give a card gift? It is one very interesting choice, since you make sure that the gift you will like because the receiver will decide on what spending it. Gift cards include above all play store cards, cards with which you succeed sure technology lovers but also with literature, music and cinema fans.

Buy cards Play Store Google Play gift cards are valued in 15, 20, or 50 euros; and when you buy them, we have two options, buy them in stores or online. FNAC was the first cards play store Distributor, and soon joined Media Markt, the Casa del Libro, Schlecker and the day supermarket chain. The number of vendors has grown little by little, so we can not rule out that soon grow this list. Buy them on the internet is another possibility, increasingly common. It won't cost us too find a store online that sells these codes for itunes gift cards gift cards, and once the transaction send us an email with the gift card code. This code is very important, because it is that allows you to redeem gift card balance in our account of Google Play. Before redeeming it remember that balance on account is 2,000 euros. 

Play Store free cards

You can not only buy these cards, gift apps as Gums Up you can get google play gift cards. How? It is very easy, just have to download the application on your smartphone or tablet and to win points (gums, in this case) will unlock Awards, including play free store gift cards. You can also get cards for the App Store, Play Station or XBox, Amazon online stores... Accumulate gums is very easy, since you just answer surveys, view ads or install other applications and use them. Who knows if in this way, besides getting play free store gift cards you can download free this app of payment for which you wanted to get the gift card and you can now use it for something else. More gums get, better prizes you have and you could get a more value card.

How to use the cards Play Store

One of big questions from cards play store is how to use them, but it's simpler than it seems. Just have to go to your account of Google Play - or open it if you still don't have it - and redeem it for balance. Remember that you must enter the code that appears on the back of the card or in the email that you sent to buy it if you did it online, and you can download apps, games, books, songs and movies. Now you know that at GumsUP you can already get a play free store gift card or many depending on the gums you have. Win gums is easier that you've done in your life, since you just have to have fun and have a good time with this application in order to achieve the play free store gift card. Also there are a lot of different cards and we can find advantages of Amazon, PSN and Xbox Live cards. 

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