Alien3 NES cheats and codes

Alien3 it's a action video game inspired by the homonymous film Alien³. The video game was released for Nintendo Entertainment System only in 1993, but in 1992 it was already released for Amiga, Commodore 64, Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System.

Alien3 came developed by numerous software houses which at the end of the process merged into the Acclaim Entertainment. The story is good or bad that of the film, with Ellen Ripley who turns out to be the only survivor of the sinking of the spaceship Sulaco on the mining planet and penal colony Fiorina 161. Here, the only inhabitants are lifers and supervisors who live in a industrial plant. The Sulaco, however, unwittingly carried some aliens, which have now infested the plant. 

In the video game - and this is a difference with the film - Ellen is heavily armed and fights with all might the aliens to free the inhabitants of the planet. The levels are labyrinthine, multi-storey, with side view and free scrolling screen in all directions. Ripley can perform a variety of actions: crouch, jump, stand up and of course shoot enemies. In some levels the goal is to kill all the aliens, in others it is necessary free the prisoners. In some, then, you fight a boss. The weapons available are 4: pulse rifle, flamethrower, hand grenade and the most powerful of all, grenade launcher.

Pause the game and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, A, B to advance to the next stage. 
Note: If you try to blast the final boss, the game may crash!

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