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I'm going to show you the collectables of the game:

Well, after this little service announcement, I'm going to show you the collectables of the game:

Thermos of Coffee: 100 in total, they are scattered everywhere in the adventure, they are blue cylindrical containers with a white cap and are simply collected.

Manuscript Pages: Manuscript Pages: 106 in total, they are scattered everywhere in the adventure and some can only be found by replaying the adventure in Nightmare mode. They are bright white sheets of paper and are simply collected. The pages of Nightmare mode will be marked with the words NIGHTMARE PAGE in large.

Crates: 30 in total, the crates are scattered everywhere in the adventure and you can notice their presence by lighting some play areas, that is, if lighting a wall or a rock you will find a yellow arrow drawn with paint visible only if illuminated, it means that the crate is nearby and you just have to follow the directions to reach them. The crates contain ammunition or objects useful to Alan's armoury.

Signs: 25 in total, the signs are simple signs that must be read with the B button, they are mostly found in inhabited areas.

Radio Show: 12 in total, you'll get the radio shows by turning on the radios scattered in the game.

TV Shows: 14 in total, you will get TV Shows by switching on the TVs scattered in the game. Some Shows will show Alan talking alone in a room, these Shows will unlock the game because they are part of the main plot, the guide only lists the Extras.

Pyramid of Cans: 12 in total, they are small pyramids of cans that you have to collapse by shooting them, you only need to knock down 5 to get the goal. Our guide will show you where to find all 5 cans you will need.

I remember that the objects mentioned just below the title are missing and will be updated along with the pages of Nightmare Mode, meanwhile, Good Hunting to all!

EPISODE 1-The Nightmare

Coffee Thermos: As soon as the chapter starts, proceed until the game shows you the location of the lighthouse. Do not cross the small bridge that you will find in front of you, but go right to notice a large bridge with a canopy, enter it and just before the abyss that prevents you from continuing, you will find the thermos on the ground near a tire.

Coffe Thermos: When you get to the hillock under the lamppost, where you'll pick up your rocket launcher gun from a small box, position yourself facing the lighthouse and go straight ahead to notice a bluish hut just below the hillock where you picked up the gun. Go inside to find the thermos on a crate.

Coffee Thermos: When you are almost at the lighthouse, a dark tornado will chase you. Quickly cross the wooden bridge and stay on the right when you reach the other side, you will notice the thermos leaning over a bench.

Coffee Thermos: Go into the diner to get the keys to your cottage, go to the left of the counter and continue until you reach the Jukebox, now approach the bent old lady in front of the corridor, to notice the thermos on the iron cabinet under the luminous sign OH DEER DINER.

Coffee Thermos: Before crossing the bridge to reach your cottage, go back and climb up to the car, look in front of the car to find the thermos.

Radio show: When you arrive at the Cottage, open the door and go inside, take a few steps to notice a door leading to the veranda overlooking the lake, exit from this door to find the radio on the ground near the stairs.

Termos di Caffè: In the Cottage you can find the Termos on top of a kitchen cabinet.

Manuscript Page Episode 1 + Cover: You'll find the game.

NIGHTMARE PAGE: Upon arriving at the fence felled by a tree, look at our photo to find the page.

Page Manuscript Episode 1: After meeting the man possessed in front of the yellow bulldozer, look at the photo to see where to find the page:

Coffee Thermos: Starting from the yellow scraper shown in the previous picture, follow the video to find the thermos.

Cashier: Once you have recovered your flashlight and gun and taken out the 2 lumberjacks, follow our video to find the cashier.

Manuscript Page Episode 1: When you arrive at the point where an enemy will attack you from the vicinity of a yellow bulldozer, follow our video to find the page:

Coffee Thermos + Manuscript Page Episode 1: When you arrive at the point where you have to cross the river, follow our video to find the thermos and page

NIGHTMARE PAGE: As soon as you cross the river, you will notice on the left a white box on the ground, under some logs, with ammunition, you will find the page on the rocks below. You will find it practically in your path, however here is a photo to help you.

Cashier: After crossing the river, you will arrive in an area full of logs, follow our video to find the cashier.

Coffee Thermos: Once you've learned that you can't use the stairs to continue, watch our photo to find out where the thermos is.

Page Manuscript Episode 1: Before activating the generator, enter the shed on the right and you will find the page on a counter and the rifle on a shelf.

Pyramid of cans: Once you have moved the logs with the lift and crossed the passage you have created, follow the video to find the cans:

Radio Show + Cashier: From the checkpoint just after the previous can pyramid, follow the video to find the show and the cashier:

Manuscript Page Episode 1: Continuing from the checkpoint shown in the previous video, you will find this page in your path.

Coffee Thermos: Continuing from the previous page, go straight ahead until you reach the point shown in the photo.

Coffee Thermos + Episode 1 Manuscript Page: Shortly after the previous thermos you will arrive in an area where enemies regenerate, follow the video to find out how to block regeneration and find a thermos and a page.

Cashier: Shortly after the checkpoint you will find after the previous page, follow the video to find the cashier.

Page Manuscript Episode 1: You will find it on your path in front of a gate.

TV Show: Turn on the TV in the little house next to the page of the previous manuscript.

Coffee thermos: After eliminating Stucky and his henchmen, reach the end of this area and before opening the gate, look around the yellow crane on the right to find the thermos resting on a crane track.

Page Manuscript Episode 1: When you arrive at the gas station, look at the foot of the truck with the big deer on it to find the page.

Coffee Thermos: Shortly after the truck with the deer, you will notice looking up, the big luminous GASOLINE sign, the thermos is at the foot of the poles holding the sign.

Coffee Thermos: Starting at the gas station, follow our video to find the thermos.

NIGHTMARE PAGE: Go to the back of the gas station, through the left side of the station, to find the page.

Sign: Once inside the gas station house, read the deer feast sign attached to the central shelf.

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