Akuji the Heartless PS1 cheats

Akuji the Heartless is an action video game in 1999 for the console Sony PlayStation from the software house Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive.

The protagonist of the game is the voodoo priest Akuji, who was seen tearing his heart out on his wedding day. Just because of a voodoo spell he he is now forced to roam the Underworld, but his betrothed, Kesho, finds him in hell and speaks to him, informing him that it was Orad - Akuji's brother - who orchestrated his murder. The woman begs Akuji to stop Orad, as their families are preparing for a long and bloody war and Orad is thinking of sacrificing Kesho to the gods.
Akuji sees in all this a possibility of redemption and begins to wander through Hell collecting the souls of his ancestors. The journey to hell is dangerous and littered with powerful and fearsome enemies, such as the guardians of the spirit gates.

Throughout the game there are levels written in Latin playable alongside the bosses. These are:
1: Cocytus: the river of souls
2: Pluton: the temple of tears
3: Khalas: the sanctum of hate
4: Mahdi: the lair of mahdi
5: Oinos: the dark acropolis
6: Discord: the graveyard
7: Stygia: the bloodswamp
8: Hutama: blight
9: Okal: the web of okal
10: Ladhaa: the arboretum
11: Seiomos: slime caverns
12: Limbo: acrossroads
13: Purity: the chamber
14: Enoch: the blood ruins
15: Caina: the blade temple
16: Gehenna: the dead armada
17: Samedi: the final conflict

Pause the game, hold L2 or R2 and press LEFT, UP, UP, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, SQUARE, LEFT, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT - Debug Mode
Pause the game, hold L2 or R2 and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, TRIANGLE, X, UP, CIRCLE, LEFT - Invincibility

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