Airlines Manager: Tycoon - Tips and Tricks

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Has the world of aviation always fascinated you? Your dream in the drawer is to set up a huge airline? Great news then, Airlines Manager: Tycoon is just the game for you! Today we're here to give you some exclusive tips and tricks for flying, but we also want to give some advice to less experienced players. If you've made sure you've refueled your car you can start, you fly!

Don't forget the clearance

Each airport hub has a specific clearance number: this value tells us which aircraft it can accommodate and which types of routes it can handle. Always make sure you check that the numbers match, there's nothing worse than investing your little money in an airport and then discovering that it can't be exploited by our company.

SH and MH

When you have to buy a plane you can choose between SH, MH and LH. What's the difference? Simple, these parameters refer to the size of the aircraft and the range of routes it can travel. Initially our advice is to focus on SH and MH aircraft, long journeys require a lot of planning and investment so it makes no sense to jump straight into overly complex operations.

Take advantage of leasing!

Another perfect tip for the early stages: in the first few days instead of investing a lot of money in an aircraft, use leasing! This way you can use it as if it were your own, but you can't customize the interior and have to pay a weekly fee. In any case, the cost of the investment tends to be lower than the profits guaranteed by the operation!

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