After Burner - Sega Master System cheats and codes

After Burner it's a shooter video game developed and distributed by SEGA in 1987. The player controls a F-14 Tomcat, military aircraft that must be flown through 18 levels filled with enemy planes and pitfalls.

The start of the game sees the plane take off from aircraft carrier SEGA Enterprise, whose name is very similar to the one seen the year before, in 1986, in the famous movie Top Gun. The fighter jet has fearsome weaponry such as a cannon and missiles (which are limited in number). After a number of successful stages, the F-14 Tomcat receives an adequate supply of weapons and ammunition.
In arcades, After Burner was released in two versions: a standard upright cabinet and a version with a rotating cockpit. In the cockpit version, the player's chair rotated horizontally, and the entire cockpit vertically. Both cabinets had a gray monitor with numerous green lights that indicated an enemy docking to their aircraft. For the time, really a blast! And, if they happen to you in your hands, know that they are worth a lot of money! Always if you have the space to house them ...

In the initial screen press PAUSE for 100 times, then at the GAME OVER screen press and hold UP + button 1 + button 2 to continue. You will have unlimited CONTINUE for the first 18 levels.

When you lose all lives and the GAME OVER screen appears, press buttons 1 and 2 at the same time to continue from where you were dead. This trick only works twice and only up to level 8.

When the supply ship appears in the middle of the screen, level up to it and move so that you are on top of it, then press DOWN + 1 + 2 to lock onto it.

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