Adventures of Lolo NES passwords and codes

Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle video game developed and distributed by HAL Laboratory for the 8-bit console Nintendo Entertainment System in the year 1989.

This puzzle video game  was released for both the European and US markets and is the first game in the Eggerland series, the title of the game identifies the protagonist of the series and not the setting of the saga. The story is as follows: the evil king of Eggerland kidnaps Princess Lala and Lolo runs to her aid. He has to go through a high tower full of traps, monsters and labyrinths.
Overall, the levels to be faced are 50 and can be overcome by collecting hearts that are used to open certain chests. Obviously, enemies must be avoided, which is no easy feat in these complicated labyrinths. If you are really stuck don't worry, we have all the Password of the various levels!

BCBT Level 1-2
BDBR Level 1-3
BGBQ Level 1-4
BHBP Level 1-5
BJBM Level 2-1
BKBL Level 2-2
BLBK Level 2-3
BMBJ Level 2-4
BPBH Level 2-5
BQBG Level 3-1
BRBD Level 3-2
BTBC Level 3-3
BVBB Level 3-4
BYZZ Level 3-5
BZZY Level 4-1
CBZV Level 4-2
CCZT Level 4-3
CDZR Level 4-4
CGZQ Level 4-5
CHZP Level 5-1
CJZM Level 5-2
CKZL Level 5-3
CLZK Level 5-4
CMZJ Level 5-5
CPZH Level 6-1
CQZG Level 6-2
CRZD Level 6-3
CTZC Level 6-4
CVZB Level 6-5
CYYZ Level 7-1
CZYY Level 7-2
DBYV Level 7-3
DCYT Level 7-4
DDYR Level 7-5
DGYQ Level 8-1
DHYP Level 8-2
DJYM Level 8-3
DKYL Level 8-4
DLYK Level 8-5
DMYJ Level 9-1
DPYH Level 9-2
DQYG Level 9-3
DRYD Level 9-4
DTYC Level 9-5
DVYB Level 10-1
DYVZ Level 10-2
DZVY Level 10-3
GBVV Level 10-4
GCVT Level 10-5

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