Adventure Island NES cheats and codes

Adventure Iceland, whose original name is Hudson's Adventure Island, is a platform video game published by Hudson Soft in 1986, created specifically for the Nintendo Entertainment System as an adaptation of the arcade game Wonder Boy, published by SEGA.

Adventure Island is the first title of a lucky one series appeared not only on NES but also on the Game Boy handheld console. The title also gave the idea for the creation of an anime known as Honey Bee in Toycomland, produced by TMS Entertainment. The title was released in Europe under the name of Adventure Island Classic in 1992: the style and the characteristic elements are those of Wonder Boy and the game is divided into 8 areas, each of which consists of 4 levels.
At the end of each area you have to challenge and defeat a boss. Over time, the protagonist's energy bar decreases, but picking the rewards that you will find along the way will allow you to gain energy. Then there are eggs inside which to find various weapons and power-ups, while contact with enemies will immediately cause your death. Gaming isn't as easy as it might seem, so here are some secrets and code.

Towards the end of the first level, near the sign bearing the letter "G", on the edge of the cliff that is after the platforms, take a jump. If you find an egg (which contains a bee), then the trick works. Whenever Game Over appears, press and hold Up, A and Select, then press Start. You should reappear at the beginning of the level you died on, and even have some extra life.

Please note: this trick only works on certain versions of the game, most certainly including the NTSC version.

When you defeat the first boss, pause the game as the boss exits the screen. The next boss will appear.

Adventure Island - NES


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