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Amazon has become a real lifesaver when making your purchases. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it on Amazon, the great digital Bazaar by excellence. And the best of all is that you can buy something in the morning and keep it at home for dinner. And when it comes to pay, you can use an amazon card, which may also be a good gift for those addicted to shopping at Amazon. These vouchers are very easy to use, and have the advantage that we won't have to use our credit or debit card to pay. As it often happens in these cases, we have Amazon cards of different values. You will find cards of 5, 10, 25 or 50 euros so the first thing we have to do is to decide which amazon card we want to buy. Once we have it, it's the time to redeem it in our Amazon account balance. You simply go to "My account" and in the "Payment" section, click on the option "Apply gift card to my account". Enter the code of the card or gift voucher and click "Apply to my account". The balance has already been transferred to your account.

Find out the advantages of the Amazon, PSN and Xbox live Cards for free There are many ways to get an Amazon gift card. For example, in the shops specialized in technology products we can buy them, but if you're going to give it the best idea is to purchase it from the Amazon store. The Amazon Card, an ordinary plastic card, is attached to a greeting where you can include the message that you want to the gift recipient. At the time of ordering, you must leave the message, which will be printed on the gift wrapping, or ask to send it at home and manually write the message by your own. We have already seen that cards from Amazon have quite a few advantages, but did you know what you can also get for free? Many applications offer rewards to fulfill different objectives, including Gums Up, which includes Amazon cards among its rewards. If you want to get an amazon or xbox live card or a psn card for free, the first thing you should do is to go to the Play Store or the App Store, download Gums Up on your smartphone or tablet and open an account. Once logged in, you can now start to score points, known here as Gums, to have access to more and better rewards. To earn Gums you can test applications and meet the challenges proposed (challenges as easy as operating a minute or get some points in a game), you can fill out surveys, see trailers, or invite friends. In addition to Amazon cards, you can also take money from PayPal which you can use for your purchases at Amazon among other many rewards.

Get Amazon, PSN and Xbox Live gift cards

Increasingly, companies or platforms that are committed to offer their content online, and the world of videogames have not escaped this formula. Go to the store's whole life and spend the afternoon looking for games: we can now buy them directly from the couch. Play Station did not hesitate to join this trend, and as other competing companies do, they offer the possibility to download games or trailers by using the PSN cards, one of their most coveted products. PSN cards are not more than prepaid cards for Play Station Network, the platform for Play Station where we can download more than 10,000 games. On its website, every week new titles are added, so if you don't find the latest in physical stores we recommend you to pass by the Play Station shop. As in all prepaid cards, the PSN are balance for our account with which we can buy the games that we most like. To use a PSN card is very easy. There are cards of different values (5, 10, 15, 20, 50 euros), although in every country there are cards for one or another value. To use them, you only have to scratch the card and it will give you a code. If you already have an account on PSN, you only have to log on and recharge your wallet by entering that code. If you do not have it, just sign up in Play Station Network and then you can enter the code. We can buy PSN cards at practically any store specialized in video games. Logically, you can also buy a PSN official card in the Play Station official store. On internet you can also buy it, but keep in mind that there are different regions and that you must purchase a valid card for your region/country. Do not confuse the PSN with the PSN Plus card, which is a subscription for 3 or 12 months, not a prepaid card. Would you like to get free PSN cards? With applications such as Gums Up it is very easy. You only have to download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet and start using it to win Gums -points-. You can do it using other apps, filling out surveys, inviting friends or watching videos. The more you use it, the more Gums you get and you can redeem them for different value PSN cards or money from PayPal to pay for a PSN card. In addition, you can get Play Store Cards, App Store cards, Amazon cards, Xbox gift cards...

Amazon, Xbox and Play Station gift cards

Xbox offers its players the possibility to buy Xbox live cards. There are two types of cards, and according to what you're looking for, you'll need one or another. On one hand, there are prepaid cards, with which we can buy Xbox games, what are formerly known as MS points; on the other hand, we have subscription cards, allowing us to play online during the period that the subscription lasts. These are Gold cards. Logically, the simplest way of getting a Xbox Live card is to buy it. The cost depends on whether is a subscription card or a prepaid card, and also the duration or value. The prepaid cards have a value of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 50 euros. It's one of the most varied prepaid cards, since other platforms do not offer as much possibility of prices. When you buy them, you can find it in the Xbox Live web page itself. But what really makes us happy is to have the card physically in hand and scratching to bring up the code instead of looking for it in the purchase email.  Would you like a free Xbox Live card? Don't wait for your birthday or Christmas. You can already get it for free thanks to apps like Gums Up that reward you with these cards by using the app. Logically, the first thing you should do is to go to the Play Store, search the app Gums Up, download it and install it on your smartphone or tablet, as well as opening an account. Once registered, you can start to accumulate points. In the upper left you'll see an icon that says "Win Gums", so go there and start testing applications, always complying with the requirements of Gums Up (very reasonable requirements), filling out surveys or watching videos. Another way of winning Gums is inviting friends, so talk about the Gums Up advantages and get more Gums. As you get Gums, you will be unlocking new rewards, including Xbox live cards. We have said that these cards have multiple values so more Gums accumulated, better the cards or rewards you can get. Alternatively, you can change the Gums by PayPal money with which you can also buy online Xbox cards. And if you have many Gums, you can exchange them into google play gift cards, cards for Amazon, Play Store, App Store or Play Station Network. If you're wondering how to use prepaid cards on the internet you will find more information in our blog on how to use them and get them.   

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