Actraiser SNES cheats and codes

ActRaiser is a 1990 videogame, developed by Quintet and published by Enix for the Super Nintendo. This video game is something of a cross between Rastan and Popolous and boasts a sequel, ActRaiser 2, released in 1993 in Japan.

The protagonist of the game he is nothing less than a deity known by the name of The Master, the peaceful ruler of the known world. Problems arise when the demon Tanzra attempts to take over this world by engaging The Master in a bloody fight against the You are Guardians, his subordinates. Following the battle, The Master must retire to his Sky Palace and Tanzra can take possession of the world, assisted by his hordes of bestial demons. He divides the world into 6 regions, each of which is entrusted to a Guardian.
The cult of The Master gradually fades among men until, centuries later, The Master recovers and decides to rid the world of evil by regaining possession of creation. A mythical video game, which made the fortunes of SNES, which you can try to complete thanks to the tricks you find below.

Here's how to find secret lives in the game's villages:
Fillmore - When you take the Compass, use it here.
Bloodpool - Make it rain on the great lake.
Kasandora - Cause an earthquake after discovering the pyramid.
Northwall - Strike the temple with lightning.

To enter "Professional Mode", first finish the game. At the home screen, highlight “New Game” and press Down or Select.

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