AC Syndicate: Solution Guide, Trophies and Achievements

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Unlock all Trophies and Achievements. In this section of our comprehensive guide AC Syndicate , we'll see how to easily unlock the game's trophies and achievements using all possible tactics!

A key in the gears
Complete sequence 1. Continue the story.

A simple plan
Complete sequence 2. Continue the story.

Today's Babylon
Complete sequence 3. Continue the story.

A quick and reliable remedy
Complete sequence 4. Continue the story.

Occupational hazard
Complete sequence 5. Continue the story.

A jump in the bank
Complete sequence six. Continue the story.

Everything is lawful in politics
Complete sequence 7. Continue the story.

The joys of freedom
Complete sequence 8. Continue the story.

Friends by my side
Recruit a gang of five allies.

Beer lover
Taste every beer in London.

Without ticket
Kick 50 hostiles off trains. Here's the fastest way to get this trophy:

Absolute conqueror
Conquer three strongholds and complete their optional requirements.

Wrestling champion
You win in three different boxing clubs.

One step at a time
Win three different street races.

Treasure hunter
Complete ten attacks of any kind with Jacob or Evie.

Arrest warrant
Deliver three wanted alive.

Complete victory
Complete three Templar Hunts and related challenges.

Nobody thinks about kids?
Complete five children's liberation memories.

Guardian Angel
Escort ten loads of allies.

The right basis
Reach loyalty level 1 with all allies.

Multifaceted ingenuity
You get ten perks.

Produce a level 10 object.

Any criminal
Complete 20 crowd events.

Flower language
Pick all the pressed flowers.

History student
Collect all the historical posters.

A life in writing
Collect all the real letters.

Chimney sweep
Synchronize all London viewpoints.

Hit 20 vehicles until they are destroyed.

Flip five vehicles over and shoot the horses.

Careful down there
Kill three enemies with one group of suspended barrels.

You don't steal from the cops
He steals 20 police vehicles.

Queensbury rules
Get to the level 40 combo.

Breath of Death
Perform 50 multiple coup de grâce.

A blade in the crowd
Kill fifty enemies.

The plague of opium
Hit at least four enemies simultaneously with the hallucinogenic dart.

A blade from above
Murderer in flight twenty enemies from a rope.

Not very sporty
Shoot fifty enemies before they shoot you.

Not even a crease
Destroy 5,000 objects with the carriage.

Friends for the skin
You achieve maximum loyalty with an ally.

The keys to the city
Get all the band boosts.

Fighting Attacker
Acquire all the fighting skills in Jacob's shoes.

Acquire all the stealth skills as Evie.

Wonder of the era
Reach level 10.

Reach full synchronization in the main memories.

Master PLATINUM Assassin (PS4 only)
You get all the trophies.


War at home
Complete the World War I simulation. To face this particular version of History, you'll have to collect glitch Helixes in the various neighborhoods of London.

A needle in a haystack
Kill five enemies from the same pile of hay.

Like a god
Unlock all the Secrets of London. London's secrets allow the protagonists to access the secret crypt hidden in the city's basement.

Shall we dance?
Complete sequence 9. Continue the story.

Conquer all the districts of London. You will need to synchronize in all the indicated buildings in order to unlock all the CONQUEST side missions. Complete all these missions in each neighborhood and defeat the Head Templar of each area.

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