A Way Out - How to Get All the Trophies Guide

A Way Out is a share-adventure title developed by Hazelight Studios under the direction of Josef Fares, who previously released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The similarities with the latter are not few. The atmosphere changes radically, but the game mechanics are very similar. If, however, in Brothers there was the possibility to play even in single and move both brothers without the help of a second player, interacting with the two analog sticks, with A Way Out we are faced with a title exclusively co-op that can be played locally or online.

The narrative follows two prisoners, Vincent and Leo, who will be controlled by two players at all times. The cooperative multiplayer plays an important role in the video game since the title, as we said, cannot be played as a single player experience.

It's worth noting that only one player must own the game in the full version, while the other can take advantage, via EA's Friend Pass, of a free trial version that allows him to participate after receiving an invitation from those who own the paid version.

In this particular guide, we will show you how to acquire each trophy/achievement in the game.

A Way Out - Trophy Guide

A Way Out doesn't have a very long list of trophies. There are fifteen in all, including the platinum one. That's how you get them all. Under the trophy name, you will see the number of G points unlocked and the type of trophy (bronze, silver, gold).

A break from reality

50 | Silver

Get closer to the video game near the plane and play it!


50 | Silver

During the escape from the prison the protagonists will be in the same area where the chisel was acquired from the outside. Head towards the window of the director's office and break it to enter the room.

When you are inside the office, head towards the balcony and open the birdcage.

No deception

50 | Silver

During the Reunion chapter, you'll meet a woman next to a trailer with a baseball bat. Get close to her and talk to the NPC to find that she's practicing her batting practice for when she meets her cheating husband.

Now go in front of the Autotech store and knock on the door. The cheating husband will answer and talk to you.

Go back to the woman and tell her where the cheating husband is.

Mechanic in the back seat

50 | Gold

During the Reunion chapter, Leo's wife will ask for Vincent's help with the bike.
After you talk to Leo's wife, head over to the garage and get the item you requested and return it to her.

In sync

80 | Gold

After crossing the woods during the escape, he enters the house.
Have the characters play the piano and banjo in sync by pressing the buttons on the screen. The QTE won't last long, just press a few buttons to unlock the trophy.

It's dangerous to go alone

100 | Gold

Once in the house, after changing your prison clothes, go downstairs and approach the clock by the bookcase.

Both players will pull the lever to open a door that will lead to the basement. From there, all you have to do is open the trunk.

Give him a tour.

80 | Gold

After changing clothes at the farm, climb up the small windmill and keep turning the wheel until a movie starts.

You started it

80 | Gold

During the Reunion chapter, both players must head to the play area and approach the swings. Press the controls that appear on the screen to activate a movie.

The sample

100 | Gold

At the beginning of the game during the section in the prison yard, Leo has to approach the two guys in the gym area who are doing push-ups.

He talks to the men to find out there's a record 20 push-ups. The players will have to break the record by pressing the on-screen controls repeatedly. This may take some time, but you can reset after each repetition. You won't be able to get out, though, or you'll have to reboot.

Home Run

50 | Gold

When you leave the farm, you'll find two people playing baseball.
Come closer and try your luck on a home run. To get the trophy, both players must run a Home Run.

Live the dream

100 | Gold

When you leave the elevators looking for Carol, go to the lobby and go to the main waiting area.

Go to the TV, turn it on, and then sit on the couch. Wait until a movie starts to unlock the trophy.


50 | Silver

While you're doing Emily's homework before you're able to take off into the skies, go outside and get on the roof with the helicopter.

Get Leo into the helicopter where a little game film will take place.

Catch your breath

80 | Gold

While you are in the woods, after you have changed, follow the path along the river until you reach a large rock on which both players can sit. This will activate a small movie.

Managed anger

80 | Gold

During the chapter where the characters are interrogating their prisoner, Vincent should grab the nail gun and pretend to shoot to scare the boy.

Leo's gonna be angry at this point. With Leo, kick the prisoner down.

All The Ways Out

As usual, players will have to win all available trophies.

Congratulations, you have taken all the trophies of A Way Out !

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