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Black Mirror is a British anthology television series on science Dystopian fiction created by Charlie Brooker and produced by Zeppotron for Endemol. Described by its producer as "a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected that feeds into our contemporary malaise about our modern world" the series is characterized by self-conclusive dystopian stories that generally show a feeling of "techno-paranoia" and discuss how technology affects the human being.

Luckily, lovers of disturbing and disturbing science fiction are not alone. There are a lot of privileged minds out there who dig into the future to extract the most terribly beautiful prophecies. So if you are a fan of the series produced by Tecno-Paranoia from Gamerslance we present you a list with the 7 series similar to Black Mirror.

7 Black Mirror-like series

From Gamerslance we present you a list created by our experts with the 7 series similar to Black Mirror.

Electric Dreams

The first series we present to you is Electric Dreams . Both series are anthologies -that is, each chapter is independent- and both revolve around science fiction, but the latter raises the bets. Each of its ten chapters adapts to the small screen a story by the master Philip K. Dick.

Dark Net

The second of seven similar Black Mirror series is Dark Net. Dark Net puts its magnifying glass on the dark side of the internet and technology, revealing the worms crawling beneath the surface. People hacking into their own bodies, online groups gathering around secret cults, webcam pornography dealers, cyber kidnappers.


The third alternative we present to you is Residue . Residue is a small series of three chapters that brings together government conspiracies, somewhat supernatural science fiction and two actors whose faces will ring a bell in Game of Thrones.

Dead Set

The fourth series that we present to you similar to Black Mirror is Dead Set . Short and direct, it's just five episodes in which the English sadist has fun around a very crazy premise: what would happen inside the Big Brother house if a zombie apocalypse happens while the show is being filmed?

Inside N. 9

The fifth in the series similar to Black Mirror is Inside N. 9. Inside N. 9 is a set of half-hour episodes in which each one goes his own way: a mansion full of pictures of hell, a discussion about who gets the last breath of a pop star or a trial for witchcraft are some of the scenarios that can be seen in this series.


The sixth series similar to Black Mirror that we present to you is Utopia . This is a series that starts to look like a punch and knocks you out so that you just have to go with it. Its convoluted story around a cursed comic book and a secret plot is combined with music and excessive photography and saturated which, in some strange way, works to launch missiles to your neural synapses.


The seventh and final series we present to you is Cam . A young woman realizes that her erotic streaming channel has been stolen by a person exactly like her. She's gonna try to get it back to at all costs, even if your double is not afraid to go beyond the limits.

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