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Nowadays meeting people is a constant challenge, as it is not like before. Now they’re all connected to 24/7 devices, so look for them where they’re always at,
en la v脙a online. Today you will know the best Apps to meet people we selected for you.

“Life is a mystery. Everyone must be alone,” Madonna sang in her often-quoted song “Like a Prayer,” but scientists and psychologists have been singing a different tune, one that imparts that we have a biological imperative to connect. Unfortunately, as we grow more and more “connected” through the Internet, social networks and a host of chat and finger-sliding dating applications, many of us feel more alone than ever. Things have gotten so bad that loneliness has become an epidemic.


“It’s in our DNA to be connected, and without that kind of bond our health can suffer,” said clinical psychologist Tara Kline. “When people feel more isolated and alone, it can affect their emotional and physical well-being, which can include depression, anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem.

Why is it so difficult to meet people and create a friendship with all these tools at our disposal? Knowing quality, like-minded people no longer have to be a mystery with the best social applications to make new friends just by sliding.


One of the best apps for making friends or a best friend on the App Store or Play Store, MeetMe is an app for first friends, with more than 100 million diverse users looking to make friends. Just start living, start chatting with people, and discover like-minded people you like to chat with. Just be sure to disconnect the connection with some fun meetings.


The Meetup for Android and iOS mobile app shows you which groups to join in your area around your favorite hobbies.

If physical exercise is your thing, join a marathon or hiking training meeting, if you’re a new parent, a mom or dad meeting may work, or join a book club, photo, or dog meeting group. There are also meetings to welcome new faces into town and support meetings for those in need.

Or you can start yours by becoming a meeting organizer for $14.99 a month.


The Bumble matching application may be better known as the women’s dating application, but it is also a great platform for forming friendships. Simply switch from the dating section to BFF mode to meet a new friend, but be sure to contact each other within 24 hours after the match or it will expire.

With a recent update, Bumble now allows users to turn off dating mode, therefore, so you don’t have to defend yourself from suitors while searching for friendships with like-minded people.

What’s more, for all of you interested in Facebook’s privacy practices, Bumble now offers registration without Facebook.聽 Simply register with your phone number.


Revel-Social allows users to organize exciting group events with existing and new friends in a new “on-demand social networking application” just for members.


Nextdoor, the free and safe social network for your neighborhood, where you already learn what’s going on in your area, find trusted housekeepers, dog walkers and painters, and report on local crimes, is also an excellent place to meet your neighbors and make new friends.


Historically, Facebook has been a social network for keeping in touch with existing friends and family and keeping most from others with privacy walls, but you can still find new faces with similar interests or connections on Facebook Groups to make friends.

If you’re in the test group or if this feature is activated, you’ll see things you have in common with those who publicly comment on a publication in the form of tags next to their names. Some of these common points may include groups in the same place of origin, alma mater, company or Facebook.


LinkedIn is an application that helps you search for, connect with and relate to existing colleagues in your company or professional network and meet new ones who can help you progress in your career or to a new position in another company.

But did you know that you can also maintain connections with former colleagues, find mentors for your career and even generate friendships in the application? And if you’re tame, here’s a good start to conversation. You’re both in the same industry, so you can talk about shopping, in person and with a couple of beers, of course.

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