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Today, making new friends is a completely different experience in comparison.
with what used to be many years ago. Sometimes, in fact, it would have been difficult if you had been the type of person who was new in high school or that he wasn’t really the kind of person to go out.

However, making friends not only close to you, but to the whole world, has never been easier.
In modern times, you can make many new friends with these.
tools that will allow you to communicate instantly with anyone, from the moment you
distant distances without spending money!


People log on to these apps to make friends every day and they are transforming.
completely in the way we interact with each other.

Next in GumsUP we present the best apps to make friends of the moment apra Android and iOS. Keep reading!


This application is one of the most popular and definitely among the favorites in this
It uses a very simple mechanism to find friends according to their interests, rank of
It is also a potential way to meet new people who are willing to help you.
You can use the option to contact people from all over the world at any distance.
away from you.
And the best asset these applications offer is having the opportunity to meet someone.
with the same interests as you, is the best thing that can happen to anyone, to find
a great friendship!


This is one of the most effective applications for making new friends.

The interesting part of this application is that it focuses on allowing the user to
This application is often used to ensure that the person you are looking for will be able to
the person using it meets the person you are talking to.
It allows you to find people close to you and make plans with them to go to events,
parties, movies, etc. In addition, this application has an integrated messenger that can use
to maintain contact throughout the day.


If you prefer to know only one person and not a group, this is the application for you.
Iphone application will connect you with people who share the same interests as you.
you, so you will have the opportunity to meet someone to share and talk with
on common issues or interests.
Link your Facebook account and continue completing your social profile, adding your likes and dislikes.
interests and lets the application do its job, in less than you expect you will get
incredible results.


Skout is one of the best and oldest applications to help people get to know each other.
This platform will allow you to connect and meet people close to you.
or around the world if you want to cross borders.
Have a great platform full of new people to get in touch with, and
you can log in with your Google Account or Facebook.

You won’t have to pay for the subscription because it’s free for everyone. With this application you will be able to
chat, meet, and make new friends according to the settings you selected when you signed up.
Depending on where you live, age range and nationality.
You can spend your free time meeting new people and increasing your circle of knowledge.
You can give gifts, send and share photos and much more! it also allows you to
choose the person you want to chat with or reject a message.


This is one of the oldest applications for contacting new people.
most of the things in the application can be done for free so you don’t have to
to spend money to chat with a new friend.
You can set up your location near you or you can go and see what’s outside your city or
This application has a very interesting fact and that is that you will be able to see with whom you have been
found in real life.
You can be close to someone you would like to meet and it will be much easier to get in touch with them.
It is available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.


This is an application to make new friends or maybe to find your love.
And they’re all using it!
It is very easy to use and with a simple interface.  You will need to use your GPS to find people
near you and also uses your Facebook account information to create your profile.

But they will only take your photos, age and the sites or pages you liked in your profile.
You can also type in what you are looking for on the site, your likes and dislikes and your
work on his biography.

To find someone who meets your expectations, you just have to check the image,
read their profiles and decide if you want to like them, then slide your finger to the right.
If you don’t like the person you’re looking at, let them slide their finger into the
And if you both like each other… then you can start talking and getting to know your new friend.

Technology has made it easier for people to get to know each other and other people through
of easy-to-use platforms that allow communication and interaction between them.
With a lot of applications to do (almost) anything you can imagine,
how to do math problems, detect the title of a song and much more…
making friends and being in contact with other people is no exception, and has never been!

Therefore, it is quite possible that you will find a new best friend in one of these.
applications, and why not, even your soul mate!

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