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Clash Royale combines elements of real-time, online multiplayer strategy, card collection and card dueling. All of us who have played have had times when it was not long before we crashed our mobile phones into the wall in a fit of rage.

If you are a fan of all Super Cell games, and especially Clash Royale from AlternWorld we present you a list created by our video game experts with 10 games similar to Clash Royale .

10 games like Clash Royale

AlternWorld presents you with a list created by our video game experts with 10 games that look like Clash Royale .

War friends

In the first place of similar games to Clash Royale we present you War Friends . WarFriends is a mix between a dueling shooter game and a card collectors. You collect characters and create a team as you would normally. However, all these characters shoot each other. It also integrates some elements of MOBA.

RWBY: Amity Arena

In second place of the 10 Clash Royale-like games we have RWBY . RWBY: Amity Arena and RWBY Deckbuilding Game are two dueling games from decks from the RWBY universe by Dientes de Gallo. RWBY: Amity Arena has a little more action while RWBY DeckbuildingGame hasa little more of a strategy.


In third place we found Revolve8 . Revolve8 is a decent online tower assault game like Clash Royale. Players put together decks of 8 cards and fight opponents online . History and tradition are strongly impregnated with old stories.

Pokemon Masters

In fourth place for games similar to Clash Royale is Pokemon Masters. Pokemon Masters is one of the new games like Clash Royale on the list. The gameplay experience is quite similar to Pokemon "all life". Players have to get Pokémon and fight against other coaches.

League of Wonderland

Entering the equator, we came across the League of Wonderland . League of Wonderland is one of the newest tower assault games like Clash Royale on Android right now. It's by SEGA and it's a solid experience overall. The players do things like collecting characters, building a team, and playing with the players online.


In sixth place past the equator of Royale-like games is Hearthstone . Hearthstone is the grandfather of mobile card games. Go to being super popular despite his age and there's a metric ton of letters to collect. Players collect cards, build decks and duel.

Gears POP

Taking the final stretch of the 10 Clash Royale-like games is Gears POP. Gears POP! is one of the new tower assault games like C lash Royale. Players collect over 30 characters from Gears of War animated in the style of Funko POP!

Downsize Underlords

The eighth game we present to you is Dota Underlords . Dota Underlords was inspired by the mythical Autochess game Dota 2. Players unlock other skins, play as a team and fight a duel with other users.

Brawl Stars

In the next-to-last place we find a brother of the Brawl Stars family. Brawl Stars is another Supercell game. You and other players take on other opponents online. The game has several game modes, these are one against one, two against two, and three against three, and others who have invented to do so more fun.

Badland Brawl

In the last place we find Badland Brawl . Badland Brawl is an online game quite similar to Clash Royale, the gender is the same but there are big differences. You play with the characters from Frogmind's Badland platform series.

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