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The madness of this game, after two years des of its output, not for. Plants Vs Zombies 2: It's about time it's a demanding game, remember that we are trying for a video game tower defense, instead of what are the versions of platform, requiring a greater strategy and less action.

Phenomenon Plants Vs Zombies One of the peculiarities that makes the series so recognized is its playability, fun in all its aspects as also their designs. Both levels designs, des of the ancient Egypt to dystopian worlds, the characters and the variety of them. In 2010 the world was used to fight against zombies but we never imagined we would be more primitive beings on the planet Earth who put them things more difficult to the zombies. We have many types of plants and with a few designs and completely incredible attacks: Des catapults to plants that spit ice or fire! 

Tricks for plants vs zombies 2

Then will post 10 tricks that will make you life easier in this game and that you can advance more quickly: 1 - use plant food for when you see that a zombie is about to attack since it removed much life and in addition you will be leftovers meal to pull ahead with the game. 2 use mines of Pope in the first enemies that you see in the level, is then when can put all the meat on the grill to get sunflowers too fast. 3 - take into account the lettuce by its usefulness in very crucial moments of the adventure, is a good strategy that is in one of the slots. 4 - in the old Egypt the best are the boomerangs and Coltapultas to pass the levels. 5-the frijuelle can be da great helps in the levels of Pirate Seas. That if you see carefully because any zombie falls asleep you can eat. 6 - plants with canon, which are more complicated to regenerate than sunflowers, about putting them behind front-line sunflowers may be perfectly in front of battle since they are easier to get. 7-do not you collect food, use it since the pace of the game is high and best to shorten the time in which the plants sleep. 8-If you see that you're about to lose the "Yeti" chest salt level and reinicialo for another chance to win it but since will lose it, that if, always completing the level. 9 - have an Enhancer for ending the zombies gull, these pesky zombies that can ruin the game so surprising. 10 - uses your maximum power in emergency situations, do not be afraid of losing some valuable items, the first thing is to pass the level. These are some of the most important tricks that we think that you need to know for this Plants vs. Zombies 2, but not before to remind you that should have patience and that if a level gets you too hard always you have time to buy coins or some hack plants Vs Zombies 2.

The best hack

One last tip is that if you want to enjoy this game 100% please buy the currencies of the game, is a video game freemium and as such you have to pay to unlock certain things and be able to defeat the zombies in a way more spectacular. What do not want to spend a penny? Your solution is with our app, to get infinite coins free in this game is a luxury but it will not get by even a single euro! It must be taken into account that currently is the game that most moves from plants vs. zombies is on mobile devices as tower defense. If you're thinking about a theme of more action please do not hesitate to play versions of Plants vs. Zombies platform: Garden Warfare.

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